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Fassbender goes with X-Men laughs

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Fassbender goes with X-Men laughs Empty Fassbender goes with X-Men laughs

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:51 pm

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Michael Fassbender said he just had to go with the flow when it came to his Magneto costume

Michael Fassbender just has to grin and bear it when he dresses up as Magneto in X-Men: First Class.

The British actor, who portrays the younger version of the villain in Matthew Vaughn's spin-off, is aware that he may look silly wearing the costumes but said he just "goes with it".

"If you're caught in a middle ground, you're lost. If you put on a helmet, you kind of have to go for it. That's just part of those sort of fantasy things," he told

"If you're not going to go for it, then you can't expect the audience to go along with you. So you just have to commit to it."

Michael had to discuss his role with the director and co-star James McAvoy, who plays his on-screen rival Charles Xavier.

"I'll be more, in terms of the script, trying to work out the different beats of the relationship with Charles, so James and I sat down a lot with Matthew and made sure that was tight," he recalled.

"With Magneto, there is a very specific history that's happened to him in the comic books, which is pretty heavy. So you use all of that, and then their moral standpoint is formed from their history and their environment. The way we were looking at it was that Charles is like Martin Luther King and Magneto is more Malcolm X."

X-Men: First Class, also starring Kevin Bacon, January Jones and Rose Byrne, is released in UK cinemas on May 30.

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