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Post by Admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:06 am

Friday, April 1, 2011
DC, Ancient History, and Repeats
See, look, I'm back. I told you I'd try to keep this weekly now!

So just a little tidbit before I start: Amy Adams as Lois Lane, opposite Henry Cavill as Superman=Yes. I never had a problem with the 2005 Superman, and that's saying something because I was never big into Superman to begin with. As far as DC is concerned, I've always been a Batman kind of girl. But, I actually liked the '05 Superman; Brandon Routh was the perfect Clark Kent to me. But given Hollywood's current obsessive rebooting syndrome...I suppose we just have to accept it. (Was never into the Spiderman movies, but why is it being rebooting so soon!? And I don't care if you need a new Batman for the Justice League movie; first of all, do we need a JL movie, second of all, I don't care if Chris Nolan is going to be producing the Batman reboot after The Dark's Not after the Nolan/Bale brillance [ok I know that sounds pretentious.]) ANYWAY...
Chris Nolan is producing Zack Snyder's Superman. The only thing I've dislike about Snyder is 300 and his perpetual use of slow motion in action scenes (and yes I did see Sucker Punch and actually liked it with the exception of said action scene slow mo.)
So bottom line is that even though I did enjoy the '05 Superman, I am looking forward to the Snyder one because the whole team is capable and credible.

Moving on, David Fincher has signed on (still a rumor at this point?) to direct Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra. Of course everyone is getting in a tizzy about the film being an Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton redux if Brad Pitt signs on as Marc Antony. But it would be too obvious and over the top if he does do this movie. Obvious in that he's worked with Fincher before, his connection to Jolie, and the Taylor/Burton parallel. But how about we pick someone less obvious...because if Jolie/Pitt do this, the film and their characters will basically become mockeries of themselves, despite Fincher's street cred.

Marc Antony was around 42 years old when he met Cleopatra and began a relationship with her. For casting rumors other than Pitt, I've heard George Clooney (would be over the top/parody, plus he's too old), Daniel Craig (okay, I could see it...maybe), and Colin Firth. Now that's an unexpected choice that I could actually see--Colin Firth. He just won an academy award so I'm sure the offers are just pouring in for him right now. Fincher was just nominated for an academy award, so it's totally feasible that these two academy darlings would team up. But my question is; would his star power outshine the roll, much like the case with Pitt?Personally, I think this is the case with Jolie, not to mention the negative flashbacks people are probably having about her role in Alexander.
I can't help but think how much I loved the casting of Marc Antony and Caesar in HBO's Rome: James Purefoy and Ciaran Hinds. But anyway, lesser known Marc Antony choices:

Matthew Settle (Band of Brothers! and most recently in Gossip Girl, for some reason, which I haven't seen. He is 42):

Michael Fassbender (only 34, so it would be a young casting. Again, my bias coming out, but can you imagine the sizzle factor? Inglorious Bastards, X-Men First Class) :

And Caesar. What if Colin Firth did Caesar...that would be unexpected too, wouldn't it? But I could see it. But Caesar was in his 50s by the time the whole business with Cleopatra was going on, so Firth might be a bit on the young side for the role.
Can we just have Ciaran Hinds reprise this role? haha. He just fit the role so well that I can't imagine anyone else.

Christopher Waltz might be an interesting choice for Caesar. (Water for Elephants, Inglorious Bastards):

Posted by Nichole Louise at 1:21 PM

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