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Beautiful Men for 2011

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Beautiful Men for 2011  Empty Beautiful Men for 2011

Post by Admin on Sat May 21, 2011 9:31 pm

Tuesday, May 17, 2011 11

11 Beautiful Men for 2011

Spring, so a young woman’s eyes wander to the wonder of beautiful men. Living in the Hudson Valley gives me two advantages: 1. The Hudson Valley men: hiking, farming, working outdoors and looking, often, quite sexy thank you. 2. Trips into the City seeing the well dressed urban male, yummy.

So here are 11 Beautiful Men for 2011, I am sure I am leaving out most of the beautiful men in the world, but that is just because I have not met you yet. But I hope to very soon.

Dr.J – Julius Erving Then and Now – of course he was beautiful in his athletic hey day.

But when I saw him recently during the All-Star weekend festivities, my mouth dropped open. In fact even the man I was watching the Slam Dunk contest with mentioned how elegant he looked. For my money he was never more beautiful than he is right now.

Zinedine Zidane. I have no idea what that guy said to him during the World Cup, and I really don’t care.

Michael Fassbender – the director of Jane Eyre said, Mr Fassbender is not classically handsome, I have no idea what that means, all I can say is Mr Fassbender is talented, handsome and beautiful.

Michael Fassbender photographed by Bruce Weber for Vogue Italia (“London in Love”), March 2010.

Sean Avery – Listen I don’t like the Rangers, the only hockey team I really care about is the Pittsburgh Penguins. But a hockey player that interns at Vogue magazine and supports the Human Rights Campaign on Marriage Equality for all, is beautiful in my book.

Michael Warren. My first crush and I am still crushin'

The man on the S train between Times Square and Grand Central Station – You: Asian man in his mid-30s, slightly longish dark hair, wearing a Hugo Boss (I think suit) charcoal suit and carrying a vintage briefcase. Me: staring. You: never saw me but I saw you. You were beautiful.

Jason Silva of Max and Jason. Smart, funny and handsome. Deadly combo, love it.

Michael Jai White. Black Dynamite is an instant classic. Satirical wit and whip smart. Ummm...Mr White, you may want to consider doing a couple chin ups to beef up those pecs a tad, just a suggestion.

image: muscle and performance

Olivier Rousteing. Balmain's new designer –because he is taking over one of the most influential fashion houses in the world. And well look at him!!!

Kevin McHale – I was not a fan of the Celtics growing up. It was the era of Magic v. Bird, and you know I was for Magic. But anyway there was something about the passionate play and Frankenstein shoulders of Mr McHale that made me fall in love with him. Even though I never rooted for the Celtics, I always cheered for Mr McHale.

11. Robert Moses Civil Rights Advocate, SNCC and Freedom Rider of Freedom Summer 1964

People think they are pretty tough now. I see you, walking down the street, getting cars to slow down or stop for you. Pants hanging down or baseball cap too big and tilted to the side. Black,Latino or White you're tough right? Gangsta? Hummm.

Well for my money one of the Original Gangstas - I mean tougher than nails, tougher than old shoe leather...was the Freedom Riders. Young folks who went down to Mississippi et al, to register Black folks to vote with death not an unlikely outcome for them. (And some died) And an ass-whopping very likely (happened to most). So while you're thinking you are tough take a look at what real guts looks like.

PBS is showing an amazing documentary Freedom Riders (makes me wish I had a TV.)

Robert Moses, SNCC worker, in Mississippi, July 1964.

Beautiful Men Hall of Fame

As always I have to mention the top Beautiful Man in America, the president of the United Stated, Barack Obama. He continues to just get the work done despite all the madness around him. I appreciate your elegance, grace, humor and determination. Thank you for all you do, Mr. President.

Posted by Idia'Dega at 1:04 AM

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Beautiful Men for 2011  Empty Re: Beautiful Men for 2011

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:53 pm

Tuesday’s Top… Men

So our new column is breaching into the realms of men today… and no, no male grooming. I’m talking real, potentially semi-clothed men.

Obviously this is completely to the tastes of BATD HQ but we hope our shameless Googling of various celebrities with the word ‘topless’ in the search bar, perks up your miserable Tuesday morning…

Happy viewing!

1.) Our Editors Pick – John ‘Hubba’ Hamm
John Hamm

John Hamm

2.) Mr Ripple – Ryan Reyolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

3.) For those that like it rough – Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

4.) A touch of class – Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

5.) For the young ones - Ben Barnes
Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes

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