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Interview with a mutant

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Interview with a mutant Empty Interview with a mutant

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 13, 2011 3:29 pm

Wiener Online - Not Translated

Rough English Translation: Interview with a mutant

Since its award-winning performance as the hunger strike Bobby Sands IRA member is Michael Fassbender as a rising star in the international film industry: In "X-Men: First Class", he appears as a mutant Magneto. The WIENER met him in London.

Text: Kai Krösche | 06/09/2011 | Photo: Lorenzo Agius

The rapid success of recent years, Michael Fassbender not let the facts stand out from the ground - instead of airs and graces, he relies on natural, the big sounds he leaves to others. And raises instead the exciting thing about the film co-produced with his colleagues.

Mr. Fassbender, for your award-winning incarnation of the hunger strike Bobby Sands in "Hunger" They lost over 20 pounds of body weight, as Magneto in your new film "X-Men: First Class" you have to fight super-villains take on. Which is easier - or Bobby Sands to starve than to save the world as a superhero?

I do not know! The preparation is in some way the same: I spend a lot of time at home so to read the script over and over again - I'm doing on every project that is in a sense, my only way of preparation - and by reading this Again, read and put down the things that seep through the skin, so to speak. And then when I'm on the set, I already have so much in me that allows me to play with it, twisting it and not be afraid if something changes or goes in another direction. I always try to be relaxed on the set as possible - light-hearted and informed.

Did you have to train much this time?

No, I have not trained much Magneto - physical strength and fighting skills are even vulnerable to their strengths - so I knew I would not be in top form. I exercise regularly but anyway, it's always good to be fit to some extent, but there were not ten intensive weeks of training as "300". If one-pound plate in a seven-hour battle to keep 15 a, then one must also look like from the body, as if one could (laughs). But with Magneto, it was to find the color and flavor in the relationship between him and his friend Charles and show different shades in the character - but since I already had an awful lot in the history of comic books.

Restricts the one, a figure already so clear to see on?

No, I do this because I am a very visual person - if I get a magazine in hand, I also tend to have a look, only the pictures, I'm pretty lazy! I was a child not a comic fan. This was a world that remained closed to me, so I wanted to incorporate quickly as possible, when I saw the X-Men job was: I hung the pictures, then everywhere in the caravan on. Over the years there were different artists, different ideas of a magnetometer - so I had them all at once before my eyes: It was very helpful.

And - you have become a comic fan?

If I had time! I am a slow reader, so it happened to me many times that I start to read a book and then suddenly comes back a new writer. So my quota to read books in recent years has dropped really dramatically, which also is not very good, but ...

... Good for your career?

At the moment, yes, I can not complain (laughs).

Do you still have a favorite comic book heroes?



(Laughs) Why not, indeed, it has me really enjoyed him reading these comic books know when. In X-Men has it as prejudice, with outcasts and civil rights movements in the sixties to do with issues, but because it plays into this fantasy world, it is not therefore a wooden hammer. And that's something I found really fascinating about these comic books: that as a real social-critical attitude is in there hiding.

f we already speak of a fantasy world - she is a real "hero" in our real world?

Real heroes? Well, I think, make good teachers ... people, the progress in the medical field - I think everyone who has to do with the passing on of knowledge.

Artists, too?

Yes, I hope - if they exhaust the possibilities of their profession for the best. I can safely say that there were certain movies or books that I have seen or read, may have even changed my perspective on the world.

You have some historical figures, including the Irishman Michael Collins and Bobby Sands played - you have a fondness for such characters?

History was in school my favorite subject. I always think that we should learn from historical events - we do not always inevitably fig, but an opportunity to take these figures to embody and understand - and hopefully to tell something that helps us to improve our current situation - I see as an exciting challenge to stretch a bow in our presence. As for my actual job, so I select it from the screenplay and the director. I read the script and think: "Okay, that's a good story, this character is interesting, the director is someone with whom I would like to work" - that keeps things pretty simple and makes it easier for me to make decisions.

The new David Cronenberg film "A Dangerous Method, whose activities include playing in Vienna and Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud occurs in, there was still another historical figure.

Exactly, it was the psychiatrist Carl Jung. But here again it was a great writer - and just happens to be Cronenberg Cronenberg: That's clearly too good an opportunity to miss it.

They are quite successful in finding interesting directors.

I was just lucky. Steve McQueen [British artist, photographer and director - not the legend, note] to take the opportunity to star in "hunger" to play - especially at times of economic crisis in which there are fewer roles, fewer movies, fewer television was - that has changed de Finitiv my life: I got my foot in the door just in time. And then there were these amazing filmmakers who have seen me in this film ... I had to work the good fortune to side by side with film hinges ffenden such as Andrea Arnold, Quentin Tarantino, David Cronenberg - increases then if you check that moved in this caliber, which is also its own market value.

And the quality of the other actors also helps ...

Absolutely. When working with actors like Viggo Mortensen in "A Dangerous Method" or August Diehl in "Inglourious Basterds" works when you argue and influenced each other, then it's like making music - the rhythm, is not it just happens, is the rhythm wrong, you notice it immediately. But when one of his business does well, you want to keep up with him. That is probably what I like most about my job: When someone does something that surprises you and you are thinking to yourself: "Oh, s$#!, lest I expected" - and you are practically concentrated all the time and ready for anything need. This is exciting.

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