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Looking forward to Prometheus

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Looking forward to Prometheus Empty Looking forward to Prometheus

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:34 pm

My 10 Most Anticipated Movies of the Next Five Years

There are many great looking movies coming out over the next several years but these are the ones I am looking forward the most with the information I know about them.

The list is in order from least to highest anticipated.
The Amazing Spider-Man
July 3rd, 2012

© 2011 - Sony Pictures

Directed by Marc Webb

Starring: Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Martin Sheen (Uncle Ben), Sally Field (Aunt May) and Rhys Ifans (Doctor Connors)

I like the idea of rebooting the franchise and going in a whole new direction. I personally loved the original Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 is one of my favorite movies and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest sequels of all time but, Spider-Man 3 is one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen. This new series is the chance for Spider-Man to redeem himself and get back into the spotlight. The cast is amazing (no pun intended) and from what I’ve seen the tone of the movie seems to be much darker than it was in the previous series. Also the main villan is the “Lizard” and which is awesome considering he is one of the coolest villans out of Spider-Man’s gallery of rogues. Hopefully this will be among my favorite superhero movies when it releases.
John Carter
March 9th, 2012

© 2011 - Walt Disney Pictures

Directed by Andrew Stanton

Starring: Taylor Kitsch(John Carter), Mark Strong (Matai Shang), Lynn Collins(Dejah Thoris), Willem Dafoe (Tars Tarkas), and Brian Cranston(Powell)

For information on the story and the books this movie will be based on, here is the Wikipedia page

A huge, sci-fi/fantasy epic from the guy who directed WALL.E and Finding Nemo? Count me in. This also has a great cast and will be using the same 3D and motion capture-technology that James Cameron used on Avatar. It’s been in production for a while now and we will hopefully be seeing the first footage very, very soon.
Pacific Rim
July 12th, 2013

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

Starring: Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day

In the future, a rift opens up in the Pacific Ocean and colossal monsters make their way out of it. The world must now unite to face this gigantic threat and in doing so they create sky-scraper sized, human piloted mechs to fight these enormous creatures. Probably the most awesome plotline ever right? The director is one of the greatest in the business ranging from foreign classics such as Pan’s Labryinth to big comic-book movies like Blade II and the Hellboy movies. Del Toro has been quoted on saying “this will be the biggest monster movie ever made.” I’m ridiculously excited.
June 8th, 2012

Directed by Ridley Scott

Starring: Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, and Ben Foster

It’s an Alien prequel that isn’t an Alien prequel. Yeah it doesn’t make much sense to me or many others who, like me, read movie on a daily basis but I don’t really care, we will know soon enough. We do know that it does take place in the same universe (on an unknown planet) as the original Alien films and that it deals with the creature in the picture above which is now referred to by movie fans as the “Space Jockey.” It is also directed by the same man who helmed the first movie in 1979, the great Ridley Scott (director of other classics such as Gladiator, Blade Runner, and Black Hawk Down). It’s an all new story with new characters, and another great cast. It’s going to be epic and I can’t wait.

Man of Steel
December 2012
Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel

Fan art depicting Henry Cavill as Superman

Directed by Zack Snyder

Starring: Henry Cavill (Superman/Clark Kent), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Russel Crowe (Jor-El/Superman’s real dad), Julia Ormond (Lara/Superman’s real mom), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), and Michael Shannon (General Zod)

Zach Snyder(300, Dawn of the Dead) definitely has a unique visual style to his movies and I personally love it but he has never really made a “great” film. Hopefully now with the guidance of his Executive Producer, the amazing Christopher Nolan, and the writers of The Dark Knight, he create his own new take on Superman that has the quality and depth of Nolan’s films but the visual flair of Snyder. Superman is the first and greatest superhero and the potential is definitely there to make the biggest, and possibly best, superhero movie yet. I don’t think people understand how epic a Superman movie could be. The guy has taken on all-out alien invasions by himself, smashed planets with his bare hands and flown directly through stars unscathed (I know I could have said “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ” but that doesn’t really show what he can actually do). That’s the kind of stuff I want to see in a movie. Hopefully we will.
March 1st, 2013

Directed by Neil Blomkamp

Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copely, William Fichtner, and Alice Braga

Neil Blomkamp has only directed one movie and its one of my favorite movies ever: District 9. That movie was a sci-fi masterpiece and will surely become a classic. In Blomkamp I trust. His next movie has an 120 million dollar budget, four times that of District 9, and he knows how spend his money. We don’t very much but we do know that: it takes place about 150 years in the future, Jodie Foster is the head of state on an alien planet, the scale will be much bigger compared to District 9, it will be very violent, and will cover many sociopolitical ideas. Too bad we have to wait almost two years.
The Avengers
May 4th, 2012

The Avengers teaser Poster

Directed by Joss Whedon

Starring: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Scarlet Johansson (Black Widow), Colbie Smolders (Maria Hill) and Tom Hiddleston(Loki).

I’m pretty sure everyone and their grandmother is looking forward to this movie as it has so much potential to be great. Putting all these great superhero’s together in one movie is one big task but I have pretty good faith in Joss Whedon. The entire world is expecting this movie to be amazing and Marvel Studios has not let us down yet. Rumor has it that the plot revolves around Loki using a powerful object called the cosmic cube to summon an alien race called the Skrulls which the Avengers would then have to battle on earth. Sounds pretty darn awesome. Bring on May 4th, 2012!
The Avatar Sequels
December 2014 and 2015

Directed by James Cameron

Starring: Sam Worthington (Jake Sully), Zoe Saldana (Neytiri)

Avatar is one of my favorite films of all time but I know it has a couple of flaws. It had a couple bad lines of dialogue and it was very predictable but I still loved it. Sure, the main story-line has been used many times before but it was well told, epic and had a very original set-up. I compare Avatar to Star Wars all the time because they are not the best written movies ever but the stories are amazing, the world is so immersive and they both have characters we care and want to know more about. Avatar is, in my opinion, the most visually astounding movie ever made. The fact that this is being made into a trilogy has me so excited. I also really want to see the underwater side of Pandora that Cameron just promised he would show us. Also, James Cameron is the master of sequels with classic movies such Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Let’s just hope he can use his sequel magic on these.
The Dark Knight Rises
July 20th, 2012

Tom Hardy as Bane, the main villan from The Dark Knight Rises

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Starring: Christian Bale (Batman), Anne Hathaway(Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Michael Caine (Alfred), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake), and Marion Cotillard (Miranda Tate)

Ok I don’t know a single person who didn’t like The Dark Knight. It is commonly accepted as the greatest comic-book movie ever made and is in my opinion, one of the best movies of all time. There is no more trusted director other than Nolan and with good reason. I have seen every movie he has directed and every single one is no where close to being bad. I don’t expect that to change either. There are a bunch of new additions to a cast that was already superb, a great,multi-dimensional villan in Bane, and the inclusion of Catwoman should create an interesting dynamic with Batman. This series is hopefully going to go down as one of the best trilogies in movie history.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again
December 14th, 2012 and December 19th, 2013

Directed by Peter Jackson

Starring: Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Martin Freemen (Bilbo), Richard Armitage (Thorin), Hugo Weaving (Elrond), Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman), and Mikael Persbrandt (Beorn)

The Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies. They have everything you could possibly want in a movie: action, adventure, emotion, and humor. They were also some of the most visually impressive, and epic, movies ever made. The Hobbit is a much different story and is smaller in scale than the sequels but I can’t wait to see Peter Jackson’s spin on it. I am also glad that he is splitting it into two parts so he can capture everything that happened in the novel. Jackson is also adding elements from other books that take place during the same time period into the movie. I’m just so glad these movies are finally getting made by the same man who directed the original trilogy. These next couple years are going to go by so slowing waiting for this.

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Looking forward to Prometheus Empty Re: Looking forward to Prometheus

Post by Admin on Sat May 26, 2012 6:34 pm

4 Reasons Why You Should See ‘Prometheus’

1.) It’s the spiritual predecessor of the Alien films.

Multiple shots from trailers and clips have shown the plot to be centered in some fashion around the ubiquitous “Space Jockey” from the original Alien. Now, originally, it was just called The Pilot in the script, and was put there as a one off bit of foreshadowing towards the decidedly gory death that would befall the crew of the Nostromo. Anyone who’s watched Alien multiple times, has probably had questions about that weird elephantine looking pilot, who is surrounded by so much mystery and awe in the first film. Ridley Scott had also given thought to who this character was way back when the film first came out, and spoke of how it was “Really just a suit”. This of course lines up with some of the SPOILER images shown from the film, which depict a large bipedal creature, and not the elephantine enigma we’ve all come to love and enjoy.
2.) It’s a science fiction film made by Ridley Scott.

Granted, he’s only made two before this, but they were single handedly two of the most influential and captivating science fiction films of all time. Alien itself brought to the forefront the idea that science fiction CAN be taken seriously by a mainstream audience, and damn scary as well. Blade Runner, while not as critically appreciated in it’s time, is nonetheless regarded as a modern classic, teeming with philosophical, moral, and societal themes that all serve to rally around a singular question: What does it mean to be human? Both films revolutionized how we view aliens, artificial intelligence, body horror, fear and of course, being horribly mutilated by monsters and/or replicants. Both were also amazing, quintessential examples of their genre, and another entry by Mr. Scott is something to always be on the lookout for, regardless of its heritage. Its a damn, damn exciting heritage.

Charlize tells us how brilliant Ridley Scott is. Fun Fact: if you flip the D in Ridley Scott’s first name 180 degrees it turns into RIPLEY. COINCIDENCE? CONSPIRACY? You decide.
3.) It could lead to other, amazing, potentially game changing science fiction films by Ridley Scott.

Along with his proposed sequel to Prometheus, he’s mentioned getting a TRUE sequel to Blade Runner up and running, written by the original writer, giving us perhaps some finality and closure on the long running question of Deckard’s humanity, or telling an all new story entirely. It’s supposedly going to have a female lead, but I wouldn’t discount old Mr. Ford showing up in a cameo, and personally it’d be badass if it was ambiguous as to whether or not Deckard was old because his replicant time clock is running out, or if he’s just old because people get old and are old. Either way, if it’s got Scott behind the helm I’m all in for the ride, because trying to remake or reboot it just wouldn’t work without the OG crew in tow.

4.) It’s apparently set in the Firefly/Serenity universe.

I know what you’re thinking. “Whoa, what? How could that even be? They’re like two different things entirely Cheesebadger, you’re just making stuff up.” BUT YOU’D BE WRONG. BEHOLD!

That’s a screenshot of Mr. Malcolm Reynolds’ POV shooting a Weyland-Yutani cannon at Alliance cruisers. Go pop in your copy of the Firefly dvd DVD if you don’t believe me. It’s one of the first scenes in the first episode, where you see Mal lose hope as the battle of Serenity is lost. So what does this mean, other than horrific fan fiction where we see the fallout of weird alien sex clones made from River and Ripley? Nothing probably, but maybe… just maybe, if enough people see it… FIREFLY WILL GET PICKED UP FOR A NEW SEASON AND COME BACK, STRONGER THAN EVER!*

*Warning, may be entirely untrue and a horrible lie.

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Looking forward to Prometheus Empty Re: Looking forward to Prometheus

Post by Admin on Sun May 27, 2012 7:34 pm

10 Reasons Prometheus Will Be The Best Film of 2012

May 24, 2012 1:00 pm
Luke Stevenson

You could say “Prometheus” has named itself rather ambitiously. Appropriating the name of a man attributed with bringing fire and brightness to the world and then being punished for it; it’s either making itself out to be the summer martyr, the best thing on display and given to us, yet it is punished by films like “Step Up 4″ at the box office; forever living in shame, infamy and forcing Ridley Scott to retreat to a different planet to avoid the embarrassment. Don’t worry Ridley, no-one else will understand why either.

Or, it’s a signal of intent, it’s promising to bring something fresh, new, explosive, flickering and big to our screens; and so far it hasn’t disappointed. The trailers have done everything from raise the hairs on the back of our necks, to make us hold on to our faces to make sure it’s melted remains don’t ooze in to our laps and make our trousers have that awkward strained feeling we got in Year 10 when we saw the only eligible teacher under 30 reach for an extra dictionary…Ahem.

Yet the possibility of seeing a teacher’s thigh isn’t the only thing to be excited about when you rejoice in the promise of this summer blockbuster, and after already pitching to you 10 reasons The Amazing Spider-Man could blow our minds this year, I offer you 10 of the many reasons to be excited about “Prometheus”. Sit back; hold on tight, and try to not let anything explode out of your stomach until the very end.

Reason 1: Michael Fassbender

The Alien films (by this I mean the only ones worth watching, the first two) always feature an android, and this looks like their most chilling, interesting and handsomely crafted one yet.

The ‘David’ clip released a while back (which you can see below) is one of the most interesting preview clips ever featured before a movie, slowly building the idea of what this android might be there for. In short: All manner of crazy crap. ‘I can carry out directives that my human counterparts may find…distressing’, ‘I understand human emotions, although I do not feel them myself,’…I don’t know about you but that one clip is almost as scary as James Cameron’s direction of “Aliens”.

And behind this brilliant incarnation? Michael Fassbender, a man I will never stop singing the praises of after he single handedly made me hate the Nazis more than Indiana Jones ever could and also made me think Ian McKellen is just a well spoken old man after his gripping performance in “X-Men: First Class”, and who I am delighted to see is still gracing us with his present by making good blockbusters great, which he certainly looks like he will be doing in “Prometheus”.

Reason 2: Ridley Scott’s Return to Sci-Fi

They say ‘never go back’ but when you’re Ridley Scott, and the question is whether to go back to sci-fi films, they actually mean ‘Go back. Go back and stay there. Please. We beg of you.’ And here he is, returning to the film that really propelled him into the mainstream. Only a bit earlier, a bit cooler looking and packed with new ideas to one of the most talked about mythologies in cinema history.

The fact he’s not made concessions to have the film carry a 15 as opposed to a PG-13 rating like 20th Century Fox initially wanted proves he’s been allowed complete creative control. He and screenwriter Damon Lindelof have been allowed to distance themselves from the original Alien series makes the prospect of “Prometheus” an enticing one.

Ridley still holds massive sway, and it seems like they’re letting him use all of it for this film, which can only be a good thing.

Reason 3: The Mythology

What is it? How’d it get here? What is its purpose? To destroy or give? These are questions that have been asked of both Justin Bieber and the intriguing Alien mythology crafted in the original film, and it is going to be nothing but built upon here.

When you consider that Ridley Scott is returning and they have Damon Lindelof writing it after his creative and innovative work on Lost, it’s going to be rich of symbolism, interesting ideas and things to pick over.

We already have much more committed men than myself answering the questions of mythology here on WhatCulture, expect much more of this in the future.

Reason 4: Noomi Rapace

After giving a ballsy, fearless and impressive turn in the original film adaptation of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, yet being let down by the writers on “Sherlock Holmes 2″ giving her no other purpose other than to have breasts and be on camera, this is her real chance to prove herself in a mainstream Western film, and so far it looks nothing but impressive.

She has tall competition (in quite literal sense as well) in taking over the main female role from Sigourney Weaver’s in Ridley Scott’s first “Alien” film but she really seems to be giving it some in the early footage, more assured and confident than her part in Sherlock Holmes 2 and with more capacity to have us shocked into submission with the laser/sun bed scene.

Certain questions were asked when she was given the lead role of a film that needs to be anchored strongly, however she certainly looks like she is ready for the big stage, running around screaming and battling Aliens in “Prometheus”.

Reason 5: New Environments To Explore

“Alien” had the crash site, and the original space ship, “Aliens” had the new space ship and the colony building the rest…Well who really cares about those?

This one however takes us to a completely different planet for exploration with panoramic shots of all manners of different environments meaning this is not just another claustrophobic escape trap, this is a journey of exploration in a new world for both our characters and us.

There will be no significant nods to the original that ruin everything, we take this journey with the “Prometheus”.

Reason 6: The Design

The originals were always celebrated for their marvellous set and costume design, and part of the reason the budget Ridley Scott originally demanded for this film was so large is that he prefers to use vibrant, real life sets as opposed to CGI ones.

The actors have been quoted at being overwhelmed by how much real design was used and this will make for a very engrossing cinematic, and (whisper it, very, very quietly) 3D experience this summer.

Another added bonus is the improvement in digital effects meaning that, if Scott wanted to branch further out, he could do so very effectively and with the design team this franchise is renowned for having, it could do some very special things.

Reason 7: Charlize Theron/Meredith Vickers

It was in the final TV spot where we got to see more and more of Charlize Theron and her character, Meredith Vickers, and it’s quite an inviting thing to want to get our teeth into…The character, not Charlize Theron…Although now you mention it…

She’s either playing a vocal sceptic, or a representative of Weyland Industries there to achieve its more corporate gains over the discovery ones, which although it has been quite regularly in the Alien series, still makes her a tasty character to want to get to know.

Then there’s the actress herself, the Oscar winner is packed with talent and, even though she’s surrounded by star players will stand out here for her turn which looks to be as chilling and detached as ‘Dave’, her role in this will help lift “Prometheus” above over more titillated female characters from other big 2012 films (Hellooooo Avengers) as she seems to be an intriguing character played by a great actress who happens to be attractive, not the other way around.

Reason 8: New Creatures

No matter how old you were when you first watched it, the original “Alien” was the most terrifying creature you laid eyes on, and the harrowing memory of its face was only removed when you went on a night out in Rochdale and realised that, in some parts of the world, Alien is actually quite a looker.

Though many people expressed disappointment that the original Alien won’t be the main threat in this film, for me it’s replaced with excitement to see what they will invent next. Whether it be early versions of the creatures we know and love so tenderly, or completely new ones that they will take with them in to new sequels it’s an exciting process to want to witness.

Reason 9: Damon Lindelof

The Lost co-creator, scribe and general writing genius is hot Hollywood property at the moment. Producing Sci-Fi’s like 2009′s “Star Trek”, co-writing scripts for more Sci-Fi’s like “Cowboys and Aliens” and apparently scoring a massive movie deal with Disney he is the man everyone wants, why? He seems to be ran by pure imagination and his ability to tell expansive stories that made me cry more times than I would like to admit (Hell, I cried 10 times during the final episode of Lost, I said it).

Lucky for us, he’s here to scribe “Prometheus” and with the mythologies he’s created with stuff like Lost you can only be excited to see where he’s going to take a franchise that many could say was dead a few years back.

He’s my favourite writer at the moment and one we can only be happy about being involved with this project.

Reason 10: Answers

Who? What? When? WHY?! HOW!!!?!?!?! Never once has the shot of the back of a creatures head been so interesting and mysterious…It’s like the finale of Friends and Lost all rolled in to one.

So much to say, so much to do, so much to see, this film is going to bring both questions and answers whilst debating the nature of the dawning of humanity and the purpose of life. It’s going to be an intellectual parade but one well worth enjoying for everything from the story, to the links to the originals to everything that may or may not be answered.

This is one of the most exciting, mystery covered movies of the year and one well worth enjoying to see just how far it goes.

What do you think Prometheus will be like? Best film of the year or just another summer film? Tell me all below!

Prometheus opens on June 1st in the UK and June 8th in the US. It is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender.

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Looking forward to Prometheus Empty Re: Looking forward to Prometheus

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