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Guest of the Week-Michael Fassbender

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Guest of the Week-Michael Fassbender Empty Guest of the Week-Michael Fassbender

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:15 am

Mark · 04.08.2011. 14:30

Fotograf: Zeljko Tutnjevic

Maybe if you just heard the name Michael Fassbender your first thoughts wouldn’t be the film industry and Hollywood. However Michael is one of the up and coming faces on the movie scene and has many blockbusters under his belt. His starring roles have included films such as X-Men, 300, Inglorious Basterds and Centurion. The German born actor spent his childhood growing up in the wilds of the Irish countryside and is now a full time resident of Los Angeles. Despite having a dazzling film career in front of him Michael comes across as a very humble and modest person, willing to speak to the press and without the trappings of a modern day celebrity. He arrived in Dubrovnik via Sarajevo, where he was a guest at the Sarajevo Film Festival. And even his journey was unusual. Him and his father mounted motorbikes in London and rode to Sarajevo, before again mounting their steeds and riding onto Dubrovnik. And then comes the journey back to London, an adventure.

What is the best thing that happened in Sarajevo, something that you singled out?
I was particularly impressed by walking on the streets with one of the directors. However, I find it difficult to single something out, the city is fascinating and the people are hospitable. Watching a screening in the outdoors with 3000 people was a truly incredible event, in fact a very emotional event for me. A special festival!

You arrive in Dubrovnik on a motorbike. Have you recovered from the trip?
In fact, I rode from London to Sarajevo, it took me about three days, and then we continued to Dubrovnik on the bikes. The roads are in some places, I would say, interesting, but the scenery is breathtaking. It was a journey that I have been planning for some time and of course it was even more special for me to do it with my father.

Is your father with you now and in Dubrovnik?
Yes, yes, both he and my mum. Dad came with me on his motorcycle, this was our time, we had a lot to catch up on. My mother is also here and in fact this is her second time in Dubrovnik. She visited Dubrovnik when she was 22 years old, and she often tells us that this is one of her dearest and most beautiful places in Europe. She always wanted to come back, and now when we are given the opportunity to be here as a family, these are priceless moments to us. We need only my sister, who could not be here with us, we'll have to fix some other time.

Has your mother noticed that the city has changed since she was last here?
Last night we all sat on Stradun and she said it is still a beautiful city.

Now we're on the boat, watching the walls from the sea, listening to Dalmatian songs, drinking Croatian beer ... how do you feel?
As we are on a pirate ship, it is wonderful! These experiences are unforgettable and I am happy that my job allows me to experience things like this. If I did some other business I probably would not be able to experience all this beauty! The beer is excellent, very tasty!

Did anyone recognize you on the Stradun?
Not really! And frankly it doesn’t happen very often to me. And to honest I have to admit it’s nice not to be the target of the press.

How are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in private?
They are wonderful people, real people with real lives and problems, you know! Brad of course I know a little better than Angelina, because we have worked together. He is so generous! When we worked in Inglorious Basterds, I was quite nervous because for me it was a great opportunity, a great film, and he was really full of support. And moreover, we share the same passion for motorcycles, so we have a lot of topics to discuss.

You appear very friendly and down to earth. Do you think you will remain the same when you become an even bigger star, which will probably be very soon?
I have a lot of work behind me and I think I have deserved the position I now have. This is not my first rodeo! I have been in this business since I was 17 years old. I do not know, maybe it would impede me all the things that fame brings. I just want to do my job and live normally!

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