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Michael Fassbender looking tricky characters outside the security zone

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Michael Fassbender looking tricky characters outside the security zone Empty Michael Fassbender looking tricky characters outside the security zone

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:12 pm

Victorian novel hero, sex addiction spirit finanshaj and psychiatric pioneer Carl Jung. Irish-German Hollywood star Michael Fassbender loves to swing between extremes. Helena Lindblad has faced this season's hottest movie star in Venice.

Current in "Jane Eyre"

Michael Fassbender was born in 1977 in Heidelberg Germany, grew up in Ireland and studied at the Drama Centre in London.

A small role in Steven Spielberg's ten year old television series about World War II, "Band of Brothers," opened the door to the film world.

The physically demanding role of the hunger strikers IRA militant Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen's "Hunger" attracted much attention 2008th Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank', Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and horror "Eden Lake" has also set Fassbenders name on the map.

Last summer he appeared in "X-Men. First class. " Right now he plays the dubious romantic hero Mr Rochester at the cinema in Charlotte Brontë-film adaptation "Jane Eyre". Later he turns up in David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method," Steve McQueen's "Shame" and Steven Soderbergh's action thriller "haywire". Other films on the way out is Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" where he plays against Naomi Rapace.

Michael Fassbender. Visible in "Jane Eyre" at the cinema

When Michael Fassbender was seventeen, he set up a stage version of Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" to an unsuspecting audience at home in rural Ireland Killarney. Naturally, he took on the role of the paranoid jewel thief Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi). Fassbenders interest in the ambiguous and dialogue-driven role interpretation was obviously already there. As with physical and mental challenges. Nobody who has seen him as the self-effacing, manic hunger strikers IRA militant Bobby Sands in the breakthrough film "Hunger" forget it.

Today, tearing all of the 34-year-old Irish during the baby with the slender body, the nervous energy, the sharp-cut cheekbones and the ice blue eyes. Tarantino, who has a nose for odd actor, was already at an early stage and returned Fassbenders interest by asking him to do the stiff English, undercover Lieutenant Archie Hicox in Nazi hunter film "Inglourious Basterds" (2009).

Indie movies are as much on the ball as the American film companies when it comes to assigning Fassbender, who many think is the best of his generation, roles. The other day tweeted The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw that "the heterogay hysteria" surrounding the Fassbender has reached new heights at the news that he was on his way down to the pågende Film Festival in San Sebastian, Spain. On the motorcycle.

Earlier this year, played Michael Fassbender cartoon character in "X-Men. First class ", this fall he'll pop up on it weird mysterious Mr. Rochester in" Jane Eyre ", self-destructive, sex addiction spirit financier in Steve McQueen's new" Shame "and as Carl Jung in David Cronenberg's" A Dangerous Method, "a dialogue-driven love triangle between Jung , his spiritual father, Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and their shared patient Sabina Spielrein (Kiera Knightley). (Swedish premiere after Christmas).

- The hardest thing about playing Carl Jung was trying to look really smart out, laugh a surprisingly excited and happy jokes Michael Fassbender after the premiere at the Venice Film Festival last week.

- I have just gone to a therapist once or twice, but I am extremely interested in the process. Self-analysis is among the most important thing for an actor. The most interesting thing I know is to try to understand my rollfigurers psyches, their motives and what drives them. Jung's father complex versus Freud was interesting. One can think about what they would have done if they are not broken with one another.

- My sister, who works with neuropsychiatry, was a big help when I started to read me on Jung's theories, although I had to start with type "Jung for children", ha ha, says Michael Fassbender in a trädgårdsomgärdad villa in Venice . Despite 30-degree heat, he is properly dressed in a pinstripe, white shirt and vest.

From the comic strip character in "X-Men. First class" to Carl Jung. How do you choose your roles, anyway?

- I hate script that spoon-feeding audiences with scientifically calculated standard solutions, like "if we have a nude scene five minutes into the film so there must be an action scene after ten," said Fassbender and mimics one made to the didactic voice.

- I am always looking for complex and well-written roles that make me a little scared. Characters who are linked. When I recently began to be offered a big studio movies, and I will certainly not say that I'm too nice for that, it was precisely Magneto in "X-Men" that attracted the most. He has, so to speak a lot of interesting ideas and his forces are very strong, he says.

David Cronenberg has said that some actors who, for example, are better suited than others to make costume dramas. How do you see that?

- I really do not know. I only know that it is always the work of the dialogue which is the main thing for me. Whether I make a contemporary drama, as Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank' last year or costume film "Jane Eyre".

- The difficulty with the costume film is that one must consider that people talked, dressed and sitting at the dinner table in a completely different way now. And then you have to be able to throw all that knowledge overboard. The danger with costume dramas is that they are not eager for a modern audience, that they become too stiff, said Michael Fassbender, who makes his first impressive entry in "Jane Eyre" on horseback. A transport that he since childhood home in Ireland love as much as motorcycles.

- Cronenberg is a perfectionist but he is also confident and easygoing. We had much fun during the filming of "A Dangerous Method," which I believe was crucial to the outcome. I think the contrary, that some directors are better placed to make costume dramas than others, you must have a strong attention to detail in order to succeed.

Still, Michael Fassbender most grateful for the role of Bobby Sands in "Hunger," a film that won over 30 international awards and gave him the all time career boost.

- The movie changed my life totally. It was such a crisis in the film industry when, in early 2008, and I was so unknown ... to get a starring role was totally unexpected for me. Of course it is a bit comical that you always considered to be such a great actor if you are undergoing some sort of physical transformation, says Fassbender who starved himself to a dramatically low BMI for the role's sake.

In this new collaboration with Steve McQueen in the film "Shame", where he is stark raving naked much of the film, became even greater challenges. During the closing gala at the Venice Film Festival, he received the prize for Best Actor for his role as the troubled financier Brandon who cures her anxiety by anonymous seriesex.

- Before the "Hunger" was the most about being disciplined and eat as little as possible. I followed a diet for ten weeks only. Nothing strange. "Shame", however, was a mental challenge beyond most of the time, even if the role was very physical, too. It was a huge hassle to try to understand one main character who is so terribly self-destructive and has such low self-perception as the main character Brandon.

It sounds like you and Steve McQueen has a slightly masochistic relationship?

- Well, well, I would not call it, smiling Michael Fassbender disarming. Steve is a person who wants to take up subjects that others like to avoid. He likes to talk about the "elephant in the room." "Shame" is, for me anyway, a kind of intimacy crisis in consumer society track.

- We can hop on a plane at any time, we can eat what we want exactly when we want, we can get information about anything online. Everything is here and now, all available in seconds. Just a click away. But we have been extremely difficult to get close to each other and really communicate in depth, says Michael Fassbender, takes a gentlemanly good-bye and hurried on to new challenges - and probably many new prices.

The Irish skådespelargräddan with Daniel Day-Lewis, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne have been a contender.

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