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Michael Fassbender Shares About 'Delving' Into Sexual Roles

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Michael Fassbender Shares About 'Delving' Into Sexual Roles Empty Michael Fassbender Shares About 'Delving' Into Sexual Roles

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:26 pm

Posted 17 hrs ago by Kevin P. Sullivan \

For the two movies Michael Fassbender has coming out this fall, you'd think he'd have a lot of sex on his mind. After diagnosing sexual issues in "A Dangerous Method," he takes on the role of an addict in "Shame."

"I guess I've sort of been delving into it a little bit with a little bit of metal manipulation in between," Fassbender told MTV News during the "Dangerous Method" press junket, referencing "X-Men: First Class."

But Fassbender said that he didn't give the similarities much thought when he was choosing his roles. "It's weird because I didn't even think of the two together. Once I do something, I tend to leave it behind pretty quickly, but it's a very intense process for that time, filming and prep and then it's on to the next thing," he said. "I kind of wash it away pretty fast and move on to the next thing, so I didn't even see the correspondence between 'A Dangerous Method' and 'Shame.'"

Though the roles take on two very contradictory dimensions, Fassbender said that they were equally rewarding and challenging. "A Dangerous Method," in particular, offered the challenge of mastering the dialogue of World War I-era Vienna.

"Christopher [Hampton] had written this very dense, articulate piece," Fassbender said. "Again, I've sort of said this before, when you're dealing with that time period, the use of language and vocabulary and how you handled yourself in the art of discourse was major if you were dealing in the academic world. You wouldn't survive without it."

Dealing with those dialogue intensive scripts, like "A Dangerous Method," involves a particular method for Fassbender.

"I always think a script is like a piece of music. You have to find the rhythms within it," he said. "Most of my work is done with the script anyway. I spend a lot of time with the script in both cases, but if you're not doing the dialogue, there's always an internal dialogue."

While it may sound and look serious, Fassbender jokes that that isn't the case. "I'm thinking, what am I going to have for breakfast tomorrow? It's like, wow, that's so intense. What is he thinking?"


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