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Fernando Meirelles Starts Work On Onassis Biopic 'Nemesis,' Teases Michael Fassbender For Role Of Bobby Kennedy

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Fernando Meirelles Starts Work On Onassis Biopic 'Nemesis,' Teases Michael Fassbender For Role Of Bobby Kennedy

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:53 am

Fernando Meirelles Starts Work On Onassis Biopic 'Nemesis,' Teases Michael Fassbender For Role Of Bobby Kennedy
News by Kevin Jagernauth | April 3, 2012 4:12 PM

With his multi-threaded relationship drama "360" now finished and headed to theaters at the tail end of the summer, Fernando Meirelles appears to be moving on this next effort, and it's no less grand in scope.

First announced last spring, "Onassis" (which now seems to be going by the title "Nemesis") is based on Peter Evans’ book "Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys" and focuses on magnate Aristotle Onassis' contentious relationship with Bobby Kennedy who had investigated his business practices and barred him from trading the within U.S. It gets better: Evans asserts that their power struggle, which also included a battle over access with Jackie O, got so heated that Aristotle eventually financed the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Damn.

The folks over at Cinema Em Cena have been tracking the director's Twitter account and it seems the project is now beginning to seriously roll forward. On March 15th he said, "Going to London on Sunday to begin NEMESIS" and today he teasingly sent out another social media missive: "Making cast of Nemesis. How about [Michael] Fassbender [for] Bobby Kennedy" (apologies for the broken Google translation).

Of course, both Fassbender and Kennedy are handsome men of Irish descent, and no doubt that would be a helluva piece of casting (though, as "The Kennedys" series proved, mastering that accent is nearly impossible). Is Meirelles just dream casting? Could this be a possibility? Who knows. If the director really does want one of the hottest actors on the planet, he'll have to wait as the bulk of the summer and early fall Fassbender will spend shooting Ridley Scott's "The Counselor" and Steve McQueen's "Twelve Years A Slave." But also note, Meirelles has been having fun on Twitter and also tweeted out to his followers on March 16th asking for suggestions on who to play Jackie O. Either way, Fassbender as a Kennedy? It's an intriguing prospect, particularly for a project the director says is his most ambitious yet.

"Nemesis" has a script from "City Of God" collaborator Bráulio Mantovani and will reportedly shoot later this year for a 2013. Certainly some nice old Camelot roles to fill out...if Fassy can't be Bobby, then who should?

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