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How to be a good fangirl and treat your star with respect

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How to be a good fangirl and treat your star with respect Empty How to be a good fangirl and treat your star with respect

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:14 pm

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Every now and then I stumble upon stories of fans behaving… well let’s say a bit not good when encountering their favourite actor. Most of these things should go without saying, but I suppose some fans haven’t considered every aspect, so here’s a little how-to for your consideration.

1. Hugs

Asking an actor for a hug may be your dreams come true, but it’s not always a smart idea. When you’re at an event with many other fans present, you’ll likely put the actor in the awkward situation to deny your request simply for the reason that there’s not enough time to hug every fan. And if they hug you, other fans will want the same.

Also, try to see it this way: Would you want to hug complete strangers all the time? Not everybody doesn’t mind physical contact with strangers. There are some stars that are known for being very cuddly, but unless you’re sure about it better not ask them (if the former doesn’t apply and you’re meeting them with no or only a few other fans around).

When posing for a photo together it is possible they’ll initiate the contact, so that’s fine, but unless they do show them some courtesy and don’t put them in a situation where they just agree to it because they don’t want to be rude.

2. Photos

Asking a star for a photo if you meet them somewhere and they seem open towards the interaction is fine; same goes for taking photos at official events, naturally. Snapping a photo of them in a private situation (like them enjoying a meal or sleeping on a plane) with them being unaware of it, however, is under no circumstances okay.

You wouldn’t want a stranger to take photos of you and post them on the internet either, would you? And while, yes, stars are people of public interest they already have to face enough of this at events or with paparazzi chasing them, so give them a break.

ONLY take photos of them when they’re aware of it and agree to it!

3. Showing them your fanart

Artful portraits or funny little comics surely are things many famous people enjoy seeing, but be careful what you show them. If someone is a giant goofball and deliberately posts silly fanart on their twitter or blog then it’ll be fine to show them something others may find awkward.

If you’re not absolutely sure they can take the joke don’t do it. This includes specifically erotic/slashy fanart and manips! And even more so, manips of yourself in a wedding dress next to the celeb of your dreams. That’s a BIG no! This will never ever be a good idea of something to show to a celebrity and ask them to sign it.

4. Stalking their hotels/private homes

This is one of the things that should go without saying, but it keeps happening.

It’s okay to wait for an actor at a set or TV studio when there’s security around that would send you away if you weren’t welcome. What is not okay is waiting in front of a hotel or even lurking about in the lobby. While they’re in a different city, filming, their hotel becomes their home for the amount of time they’re there. Actors want to be able to get to work in peace and as quickly as possible, or they want to go down to the restaurant and have dinner without being constantly disturbed.

While I realise it’s very tempting to go catch a glimpse of them or thereby get the chance to meet them it’s invasive and rude to do so.

The same goes even more for their actual private homes.

To sum it up:

Be reasonable. Think about what kind of consequences your actions or requests might have (e.g. in the case of asking for hugs). Think of what you’d feel like if your roles were reversed.

Getting the chance to meet a star you’ve adored for a long time is exciting and wonderful, but it should always happen with respect and some distance and consideration. If you notice they’re too busy don’t bother them. If they approach you with open arms and a huge grin then lucky you. But don’t expect them to be a certain way around you; they’re just people after all. They also have bad days, are tired or stressed, and many of them are doing an amazing job in their interactions with fans.

Don’t ruin things for other fans to come by being stalkerish, offensive or invasive.

Did I leave anything out?

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