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Discuss Angel Empty Discuss Angel

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:12 am

So I'm watching Angel on Sundance this evening.

Got me thinking...

I find it interesting that as hard as Angel tried to get out of her miserable hometown, Esme' represented that which she was trying to get away from. His 'smudge' paintings and dark personality were exactly the kinds of things and people she was trying to get away from, when she first met the publisher of her first book.

I think she also never quite matured. We all want to be remembered a certain way, and I always thought that Angel was just starting her dream life when her mother died, and she rewrote her mother's history, through the obituary.

So when Angel and Esme' get married, they give a bit, even though it's not what either wants. And it's those differences that never really settle, that make Esme' and Angel grow apart.

Angel's over reaction to Esme' 'ruining everything' makes me wonder if she just thought that he'd follow her if she took care of him. Sadly, he seemed to have had his own life. Angel expected way too much from Esme'.

I do have to agree with Angel, though. War sucks.

I guess some people can forget the past, if they have something to override the past. If you don't, the past can haunt you. I think that is the difference between Esme' and Angel.

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Discuss Angel Empty Re: Discuss Angel

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:46 am

It's on TV again... Smile

It's to the point where I'll practically only watch when Michael comes on. Not that it's bad, but hard to watch unless he's on. At least for me.

Anyways, I love when Esme' is showing his paintings. When he first appears on screen, he's a very confident and smug person. When he starts showing his paintings, you can see emotions flowing through his eyes. Until he goes off to war, he remains confident and smug.

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