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Post by Admin on Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:40 pm

Portuguese, too lazy to interpret:


Fassbender Moment
Spiggott by Georgina on October 19, 2009
Michael Fassbender

Muse of the year, of course. Even with two months to go.

This last scene in the bar La Louisiane, it's like 'Reservoir Dogs', but with Nazis and Germans. The scene takes 23 minutes, in a small bar. La Louisiane was sooo important. I consider as one of the most important scenes of all my films. Where did it said it La Louisiane, everything else seem easier. - Quentin Tarantino

My love of cinema is sparse, almost extinct, my desire to keep a blog about pop culture / movie is zero, but the memory of the scene of La Louisiane put me in a state of grace throughout the past week, bringing some hope to that my love so worn and beaten. Now I have to explain why Michael Fassbender is the muse of the year. No, I do not have to explain myself, but I want to. Deliciously handsome, I already knew (see 300), talented as well (see Angel and Hunger), so did his presence in Inglourious Basterds fell like a bomb destroying everything in my sight?

It is clear how much I admire the European class of 30 and 40 years, the style of the actors, the fakes voice and the way they move on stage, especially those born in the big island. See Michael Fassbender at the tavern scene is the same as resurrect Laurence Olivier, James Mason, Cary Grant (from which came the name Archie), David Niven, George Sanders (Russian, but most infant formula), Walter Pidgeon (Canadian, with similarity scary), Errol Flynn (Australian, but easily Irish), the moment I can see all these players coming from this man and this had an impact as fulminant as the actual end of the world would, later when I left the cinema that emerged was the recurrent thoughts of "I want a prequel to Archie Hickox. Another thing that generated this impact was that Hunger was the last thing seen him before Basterds and abysmal difference between both Hunger appealed to me at your start time, but it annoyed me the final half hour, just after the famous plan "20 minutes" (I feel like that much, by the way) both the work order Fassbender as Steve McQueen's (!!!) have little of my sympathy, especially as Christian Bale has taken off all of this style of "extreme interpretation "at the beginning of this decade. Not that I think that Fassbender was better than his other cast mates in the Basterds, but his style is what suits perfectly to my taste and to deny it is the same as being forced to eat strudel with cream, if the inclusion of whipped cream would spoil all my enjoyment of this delicacy properly, or would be a rape, a rape psychological, intellectual or allegorical, but still a rape. The other players eventually encompass the entire history of film left, Brad Pitt looks like out of 50 years (Dean, Brando, Clift), Til Schweiger 60s (Bronson, Eastwood), Eli Roth for 70 years and 80 (Pacino, De Niro), but the only one who seems to have a contemporary aura really is Mr. Christoph Waltz, which may explain the hype around it, this aura of honesty and originality in the midst of many readings and postmodernism.

There is much to be said about Archie Hickox (especially about the fact that he was film critic) and the scene of La Louisiana, but then the flight would reach the film as a whole and the work of Tarantino, anything that is not my intention to least not in my way nut, since the movie the man has a right to exclusive books are written on it, such is the amount of detail, references and readings tested.

Note 1: Now for the moment gossip, but if it is true that directly affects my elusive dreams of prequel to the presence of Sir Archie Leech Douglas Hicox. It is the small mouth that the producer's brother Tarantino, Lawrence Bender, was a game of revenge against tiny thing and Fassbender, for having done some "handles" on his ex-wife and that made it to bury one's career my current favorite Irish. It may be just gossip god-knows-where to, but some things make sense of this story, especially the release of the movie, or anyone else was surprised by the fact Fassbender be the only actor of the movie obviously did not win a teaser - poster? Even saw the picture to the teaser-poster with him in uniform and mustache of the commandos, but the final work does not come to blows. He saw that beauty? In addition to embodying a style 40 years of operation, even the picky actor-producer of the good times the boy has the feat of reviving.

Note 2: For the moment I saw the movie only once, something that will fix the time, but I look forward to the DVD release because not only will the extended version (which can heal my discomfort with the way the film was mounted ), but because I can take screencaps of the hottie. Yes, finally there is a hottie in a Tarantino movie, which is very strange for someone who is so fond of Italian cinema. What was that? Tribute to France's Jean Vigo? Mention of elurofobia of Hitler? Or a cat being almost run over, simply?

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