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The Next Bond?

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The Next Bond? Empty The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Tue May 04, 2010 11:19 pm

I'm not going to post the actual article because it doesn't even mention Michael, but the majority of responses voted for Michael to be added to the list of Who would you want to be the next Bond?

1 davey_g
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 12:24
Empire McCrirrick

What are my odd for the following. I'll put a monkey on each

The Stath - Come on.......... He'd f&#! Daniel Craig up good and proper

Chiwetel Eijiofor - Spellcheck please? Showed action chops in Serenity

Bear Grylls - Good in a tight squeeze

2 clay_easton
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 12:33
I'm really shocked that Michael Fassbender hasn't been mentioned. He would be my first pick should Daniel Craig depart.

3 marlowe9
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 13:10
f&#! this! If they ditch Daniel Craig (and especially if the cast Sam Worthington in his place) I will personally burn MGM's offices. As long as the insurance doesn't help them with their financial difficulties.

Wait a sec...

Okay, at the very least I will set fire to Sam Worthington. Or a Moonraker DVD.

4 Macneen95
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 13:55
If they're cost-cutting how about Richard Short..(google him too!).I love this guy! He's English,works a lot in the States and at 34 just as good an age as Dominic Cooper. Should at the very least be in the running...

I think casting unknown is the way to go next...once Craig is actually done that is! Look how it worked out with that Scottish bloke in Dr.No........

5 lankeymarlon
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 14:02
I always thought that they changed the actor who plays Bond when either he has had enough or he is just too old to play him. Anyways Clive Owen, Dougray Scott, James Purefoy, Jamie Foxx and a few others are all older than Mr Craig.

6 Timon
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 14:13
It'll be Henry Cavill.

Just missed it last time because he was too young, but the Brocollis will definetely come back to him in the future. They have done with Dalton and Brosnan, and with Cavill making a name for himself in things like The Tudors, Stardust and the upcoming Gods of War.... he has my bet.

7 Dr Science
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 14:22
It's got to be Purefoy. Forget the age thing - they'll finish off the origin story with a third Craig outing, and then they're free to drop the continuing storyline and go back the random stand-alone adventures of previous incarnations - in which case, there's no reason they can't have an older Bond, and Purefoy is Bond to the bone.

8 Dr Science
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 14:27
Actually if Purefoy doesn't get Bond, then i will organise a national revolution, overthrow the government, exile the Windsors and install Purefoy as the new King of England (and Butler can be King of Scotland, Anthony Hopkins can have Wales and they can all get together to unite Ireland under the rule of King Colin).

Scuse me - I have to take my medication now

9 tommypocket
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 15:20
John Hamm.

As far as I'm concerned, Don Draper IS James Bond and Mad Men is just Bond's non-spying downtime...

I'd rather be Draper than Bond...

10 XenonXylophone
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 20:54
Michael. f#%@#&!. Fassbender.

11 Varcolac
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 21:15
I was going to suggest Ian McShane as an old, embittered Bond, but the idea of reinventing the character like that seems desperate. Major studio desperate.

It's like this constant reinvention of Jack Ryan movies, with Captain Kirk (jnr) next up, probably doing some Jason Bourne impersonations. Why call it a Jack Ryan movie? If the film is good enough it will be a franchise of its own!

So scrap the Bond thing. Let's give Daniel Barber a half decent budget to direct a film about an old, embittered spy, starring Ian McShane. And make it as sweary as Deadwood. You f#%@#&! hoopleheads.

12 TheBlueRaja
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 22:35
How about Matthew Goode?

13 Norsedwarf
Posted on Friday April 30, 2010, 23:20

14 Jimmyduudah
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 00:30
Does anyone actually think Sam Worthington is a good actor? He's come from nowehere and basically been the same in every movie he's been in. I suspect Hollywood producers think that because of Worthington's forceful style and the fact he's an Aussie, they've got a new Russell Crowe, but he lacks any of Crowe's charisma. People didn't got to see Terminator Salvation because of Worthington's presence, it was the latest of a huge franchise. James Cameron and the hyped 3D brought people to Avatar showings not Worthington. The Clash of the Titans title guaranteed a good showing at the cinema not Worthington. Unfortunately the box office success of these movies will result in us having to see Sam Worthington as a leading man in more blockbusters in the future.

If we are going to have an Aussie playing James Bond lets have either Hugh Jackman who is at least suave, or Eric Bana who is a very good actor.

15 SiegePerilous
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 02:03
Yeah Worthington's been pretty wooden all the same (hard to tell in terminator). He might show the acting chops yet. I'm hearing the Ian McShane reinvention thing though, in a Dark Knight Returns stylee, him or Ciaran Hinds. Bana I would've thought was a shoo-in, el suavo.

16 carveourselvesawitch
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 04:32
Agreed, Fassbender is my choice. Acting chops and mainstream credibilty.

If Sam Worthington gets the role I'm leaving for Pandora....arrrgh he's EVERYWHERE!!

17 123fred
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 12:16
Clive Owen is the obvious choice, but Rufus Sewell would be fantastic: Looks the part, sounds the part, the perfect choice.

18 freemantle_uk
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 12:24
Whilst I think Daniel Craig is best actor to play Bond if their has to be a chance in personel my first choice for the role is Matthew MacFadyen. He is an excellent actor having stared in Spooks and had roles in Pride and Prejudice and Frost/Nixon. He will be able to mix charm and Bond's public school nature with a ruthless action man and very left-field choice for the producers.
Michael Fassbender would also be great in the role, he is an actor on the edge of stardom, having supporting in 300 and Inglourious Basterds and showed his acting talent in Hunger and Fish Tank.

Bond is a role for someone who is about to become a star, not someone who is a star, that's why Sam Worthington would be a poor choice now (plus his acting ability has been called into question). Whilst Will Smith is a decent actor who ever actually thinks he is a realistic option to play Bond really needs to smoke like weed!

19 freemantle_uk
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 12:26
smoke less weed!

20 deadbydawn
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 15:26
How about Michael Sheen, good actor, very British and when needed pretty handy when things get hairy!

21 Retroqqq
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 19:54
Sharlto Copley is awesome for this

also he is British descent

22 MarmadukeSebastian
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 21:13
I want Daniel Craig to stay for at least one more Bond film, but how on earth is Michael Fassbender not on the list?

23 MarmadukeSebastian
Posted on Saturday May 1, 2010, 21:23
I think James Purefoy would do a terrific job as well. Just watch him in Rome if you have any doubts... He owns the screen as Mark Antony.

24 polkadotty5
Posted on Sunday May 2, 2010, 02:08
I submitted my comment last night a and checked back to see if someone had discussed it but it's not posted...
Oh well. This was the general gist:
I hope Daniel Craig gets a decent film to bow out in. He was fantastic in Casino Royale and deserves another memorable, enjoyable film with a plot that makes sense.
The Michael Fassbender thing is interesting.
But I love Clive Owen also.
As I do AidAn Turner. I just googled AidEn Turner and he's some guy in an American soap...

Jack Davenport/Joseph Fiennes?
Simply because I love them too and I was having a FlashForward marathon yesterday.

25 kalasfint
Posted on Sunday May 2, 2010, 09:54
Simon Pegg. That would be awesome.

26 Perty6
Posted on Sunday May 2, 2010, 15:23
The ultimate Bond

27 Cpt.Fuzz
Posted on Sunday May 2, 2010, 17:39
Nathan Fillion???

28 Ikeaboy
Posted on Sunday May 2, 2010, 23:49
The Fass all the way!!!!!

Plus i'd reckon even money on Craig making a further 2 films. Fassbender can take over in his mid-late 30's. Perfect.

Worthington is too short, too Aussie and has all the charm of a mute leper!

29 collins2848
Posted on Monday May 3, 2010, 10:55
Saw Michael Fassbender in Inglorious Basterds and thought he was the spitting image of Sean Connery in 'A Bridge Too Far' So should he be considered for Bond? Gimme a resoundibg Hell Yeah!!

30 Rico rodrigeuz
Posted on Monday May 3, 2010, 12:42
They really were just filing up space towards the end of that list. Out of the actors listed, I would think Clive Owen, Jude Law (would be good as a Bond villain), Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, Rufus Swell, Domonic West, Domonic Cooper and Nicolas Hoult stand the best chance.

Christian Bale would be good but is committed to too many other projects. Out of the actors not listed, I would choose Michael Fassbender who was fantastic in Inglorious Basterds.

31 bruceme
Posted on Monday May 3, 2010, 16:02
mark strong would be good.

32 Paxton
Posted on Monday May 3, 2010, 18:46
I know that we're supposed to be anti-American and everything, but what about:

Jake Gylenhaal (sp?) - Ok, he's a little boyish still, but he can do brooding and cynical in his sleep, and if the PoP trailer is anything to go by he's got RP nailed; I'm sure it wouldn't take much to sharpen the accent to Fettes c. 1935.

While I'm considering outsiders, and if we're not going to be stupid about hair colour (if a black Bond is a possibility, then why should we?), how about...

Damien Lewis: Yup, he would need to bulk up that sparrow-like frame a bit, but I think he could give a very interesting take on the character - some of the best traits of Dalton and Moore, I should think.

And my final punt (3 is, after all, the magic number):

Michael Fassbender - He clearly has the intensity and action chops, he's not exactly bad-looking, has shown that he can do a Craig-style physical bulk up if needed, and he's a phenomenal, chameleonic actor. I reckon somewhere between his performances in Inglorious Basterds and Hunger, there's a pained, diffident, and terrifyingly violent interpretation of Bond waiting to be seen.


33 janedoe
Posted on Monday May 3, 2010, 18:54
Why can't Daniel Craig stay on again?
I agree with all the other comments: Michael Fassbender would be a brilliant choice!
Other than that Jamie Bamber.

34 felipesegundo
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 01:14
Chiwetel Ejiofor anybody? He's certainly got the actionability (see Serenity) and he's capable of being one suave motherf@#$%!. Also, he's 35 and thus the perfect age for Bond (Worthington and Cavill are both too young).

And on the subject of Sam Worthington, Will Smith etc., NO! BOND MUST BE BRITISH GODDAMMIT!

35 bladerunner1977
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 05:50
John Hamm, Bond needs to be mad and he is the maddest of men, enough said.

36 glengarry
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 09:40
I agree. Fassbender showed he had the swagger needed in inglorious basterds. Though i'd prefer craig to stay on for at least the next movie, let him finish what he started. Ah well

37 sipi
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 17:17
the jury's out and it's pretty clear what the majority vote is.
let craig finish off his more gritty james bond origin mythology and let that develop into cold hearted, suave fassbender.
while doing that, get someone who can actually run a studio, plug in about $100 billion into said studio and you'll have a James Bond that would be a beautiful mix of and casino royale. quite simple really.

38 blaise11
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 17:31

combine him as basass one liner from 300, action hero in Centurion, then serious acting chops in Hunger make him the ideal contender!!
He could pull off new ferocious Bond in his sleep, and bring back some suave dry wit.
'Nuff said.

39 blaise11
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 17:32

combine him as basass one liner from 300, action hero in Centurion, then serious acting chops in Hunger make him the ideal contender!!
He could pull off new ferocious Bond in his sleep, and bring back some suave dry wit.
'Nuff said.

40 blaise11
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 17:33

combine him as basass one liner from 300, action hero in Centurion, then serious acting chops in Hunger make him the ideal contender!!
He could pull off new ferocious Bond in his sleep, and bring back some suave dry wit.
'Nuff said.

41 blaise11
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 17:34
Whoops. iPhones are silly.

42 dnorth5
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 18:48
What about simon baker from the tv series THE MENTALIST. Hes got the charm and the wit and the humour that james bond traditionally has. If he built himself up a bit at the gym and learned a good english accent he could be a good follow on from daniel craig.

43 Tskeoch
Posted on Tuesday May 4, 2010, 19:10
Michael Fassbender would make an awesome bond

Combine his roles in centurion and Inglourious Basterds and you have bond already...

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The Next Bond? Empty Re: The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:33 pm

The Next James Bond?

June 5, 2010 by fandangogroovers

With continued delays in the production of the next Bond movie, will Daniel Craig return for a third outing as the British spy? We all remember what happened the last time there was delay, Timothy Dalton walked away. Add to this rumours that Daniel Craig is in talks to star in David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. If successful there are two more novels in the late Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium Trillogy” that he would surely be a part of too. So who could be the next James Bond?

Timothy Dalton: The most underrated Bond, I love the idea of an older (possibly retired) Bond and he would be the perfect man for the job.

Chances of happening? Unfortunately zilch!

Michael Fassbender: The German born Irish actor has been in hugly veried movies and TV shows in recent years and has some high profile roles coming up including literary adaptations Jayne Eyre and Birdsong. At 33 he is possibly a little young at the moment but it could be a few years before a film is made.

Chances of happening? Stranger things have happened.

Idris Elba: The British actor first came to my attention in the late 90’s in the brilliant British Vampire mini-series Ultraviolet, he reprised his role in the American version but it didn’t get beyond an unaired pilot. Since then he is probably best known for The Wire, he is currently playing the title role in BBC police drama Luther and can be seen on the big screen in The Losers and will be in the new Thor movie next year. The character has moved so far from the books I don’t think Bond has to be white!

Chances of happening? Slim to none.

Clive Owen: He would have been my first pick before Daniel Craig got the gig. As it turned out Craig did such a great job that I no longer see Owen in the part. After years of kicking around british TV and second rate movies the Mike Hodges directed Croupier made him a star in the late 90’s. He was suggested as a possible future James Bond even back then probably because he wore a tuxedo. At 44 he probably doesn’t have much more than six or seven years left to play Bond convincingly.

Chances of happening? I think his chance has passed.

Daniel Craig: That’s right; I haven’t given up on the current 007 returning for at least one more movie. Craig’s interpretation has reinvented the character and given him back the hard dark edge that of his predecessors only Dalton has shown. We also need a to conclude the “quantum trilogy” in order to give some relevance to the somewhat disjointed Quantum of Solace.

Chances of happening? Very high.

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The Next Bond? Empty Re: The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 27, 2010 3:22 am

Double O Who?
The bell tolls on yet another Bond Thanksgiving marathon. Yet, here I am, still clucking for my 007 fix. And so--a little fun (and you thought Christmas only came once a year?). I decided to get creative and do a little recasting of the Bond films--or possibly do a little casting for Bond 23 (f&#! MGM). The thing is: I really don't have any qualms about Bond as-is. In fact, I give all the actors in the latest Bond films lots of love. But here's my attempt at stretching my imagination with a little "what-if" scenario. And so, if Daniel Craig got voted off the island for being too blonde, Jeffery Wright got crushed under a hugh pile of underrated, and Judi Dench exploded in a cloud of badass, I would hope the new cast would look something like this...

James Bond.
Michael Fassbender.

I know, I know. Hang me, gut me, and tar and feather me as you drag my corpse down the cobblestone streets. But he's not British!!! Well. Technically. No. But either was Pierce Brosnan, the Irish bastard, and he was the posterchild for everything people who don't watch James Bond films associate with James Bond. Fassbender may be German-Irish, but as we well know from films like Inglourious Basterds and Fish Tank, his British accent is dead-on. He's suave as all hell, he plays arrogant ridiculously well, he has great comedic timing...and...well. Just look at him. Yeah. I rest my case.

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The Next Bond? Empty Re: The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:41 pm

Thursday, 2 December 2010
Who will be the next James Bond? The bookies go crazy

Tom Hardy is the current favourite but this doesn't stop suggestions from the realistic to the outlandish. However it must be clear that Daniel Craig is still the current Bond but it is looking more and more unlikely that he will play the part again.

The following comes from Sporting Bets forum, but beware there are some falsehoods regarding Fleming and the creation of Bond in the article -

The character of Bond, James Bond was created in 1953 by former MI6 alumni Ian Fleming, who employed him in twelve novels and two short story collections. The character has also been used in the longest running and most financially successful film franchise to date, starting in 1962 with Dr. No when Bond, James Bond was Sean Connery.

Sean Connery was the best on screen Bond, so who could possibly fill his size nines?
For the record Bond was NOT English, his father was Scottish and his mother was Swiss.

So Connery (so far) had the best lineage for the role, being a Scot.

Connery despite being a former milkman and body builder could actually act, so that’s a gauntlet thrown down to Clive Owen (at 10/1) and Jude Law (at 33/1) besides anyone who has seen Repo Men will know that Law can’t fight for toffee.

Since Connery, Sean Connery on screen we’ve had an Australian, a Brit, a Welshman, an Irishman and a blond one….

So geography-wise the net is wide open. That means we can’t count out Hugh Jackman (Australian) and Goran Visnjic (Craotian -Chicago-ese) who are both at 18/1 and Aussies Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe who are both at 50/1 (between the two, Crowe would win in a fight, basically he could kill you with a phone).

Christian Bale is on short odds at 8/1 but after his “Terminator” moment, directors are less keen on working with him and he is after all BATMAN, and the law of franchise does say “Thou shalt not have the lead in two…” (That’s why Daniel (I need a job) Radcliffe is at 500/1).

Other people on the recruitment list of Universal Exports are Orlando (Please don’t mention Johnny bloody Depp) Bloom at 14/1, Julian (there will never be a Bond called Julian) McMahon at 18/1, Gerard (I will appear in ANY film) Butler at 20/1 and Eric (would actually be quite good) Bana (possibly a good money bet, as he did play a very good spy in Munich (the film not the city)) at 40/1.

Also there is Colin (quite a good actor now) Farrell at 50/1, but maybe he’s too “oirsh” (and boy-ish) and I can’t really see him asking for a Martini, shaken OR stirred.
Fassbender - also in the running

Contenders for the role from years past include Oliver Reed (too pissed), Tom Jones (too busy with the ladies), Lewis (the Professionals) Collins (not to be confused with Lewis Carroll who wrote the Alice books and who would have been a rubbish Bond) and Sam Neil (unfortunately was the Devil). So anyone can be considered.

Further beyond the realms of likelihood (where the big odds live) we have Hugh (too bumbling and camp) Grant at 100/1, Rupert (too gay) Everett at 150/1 and Mike (unknown quantity) Richardson at 2,000/1.

Wane Rooney is contractually obligated to the Shrek franchise so there are no odds available on him being Bond.

And just to round out the field, the true wild cards are Angelina (surely too female) Jolie at 500/1, Russell (surely too feminine) Brand at 600/1, Barrack (no you can’t) Obama at 1,000/1 and David Beckham isn’t REALLY in contention, no matter what you hear, he’s at 500/1.

Fleming thought that Bond should be a “gentleman thug” someone who was equally at home ordering a martini in a dinner jacket and fighting down a darkened alley (in a dinner jacket). This is why Tom Hardy is the Current favourite (plus he did himself no harm by his “audition” role in Inception) he’s at 6/1.

Cary Grant was (would you believe it) one of Flemings first choices for the role, so maybe a smart bet would be on Michael Fassbender at 18/1 who looks the part and also looks like he’d be equally at home, coldly following orders, sweeping an Uzbekistan Beauty called Sofia off her feet, sending food back in a posh restaurant or fighting a couple of Latvian thugs in the street (and winning).

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The Next Bond? Empty Re: The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:09 am

Question of the Week: Which actor(s) would you like to see as Bond villain?

January 27, 2011 by rtm

It’s been fun reading all the Bond posts spearheaded by ParagraphFilmReviews’ James Bond January event. A few of my blog friends Marc, Ross and Darren are participating… props to all of ‘em for saying nice things about my favorite Bond Very Happy But it’s this particular post that inspire me to write this post… “Sean Bean should be the bad guy in every Bond film,” Ross McG brilliantly quipped, and y’know what, I can’t exactly disagree w/ that idea. But of course we can’t have that, and I’ve always despised films that somehow bring back dead characters in some absurd dream sequence or something of the sort.

Sean Bean as Alec Trevelyan in Goldenye

Anyways, what we already know so far with Bond 23 is that it’s finally back on track again with Sam Mendes directing. Daniel Craig will be back, as well as Judi Dench as M. Yay! (I love that the best MI-6 director is a woman). Even though I grew up watching the larger-than-life villains in various Bond films, I kind of want a more ‘realistic’ villain that’s less of a caricature like say Carl Stromberg or Hugo Drax (though I’m contradicting myself as I quite like the latter as I mentioned here). I’m thinking those more in the vein of Bean’s Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye and maybe even Robert Davi in Licence to Kill, essentially someone whom I can picture Bond actually being friendly with in another life, y’know. I’d also like to think that with an acclaimed Oscar-winning director like Mendes at the helm, why not get a real thespian to portray a more complex and intellectual baddie, but without taking the fun out of a Bond flick of course (yeah I know, aren’t I picky).

Anyhoo, here are just a few names that came to mind as I’m writing this post:

* Alan Rickman
Though I love Rickman in his good guy–even romantic–roles as much as the villainous ones, let’s face it, he’s such a bonafide, reliable baddie. Plus he can imbue sophistication and elegance into any role, always a nice criteria in a Bond villain IMO. I know he probably won’t go into iconic-villain territory after his classic turn as Hans Grubber in Die Hard, but oh, wouldn’t it be nice?

* Gary Oldman
Here’s an actor who can play practically anything believably, the ultimate chameleon. I wholeheartedly agree with this astute commenter on the post about Oldman … “He’s a brilliant actor who makes every role his own and has managed to avoid being pigeonholed by Hollywood. Yeah he often plays baddies/heavies, but he never plays a certain TYPE of bad guy, he brings something new to the table every time.” Exactly. He could be a figure that Bond looks up to, who in the end turns out to be the one who betrays him.

* Clive Owen
I said in Ross’ post that why not cast a villain that’s just as smooth and cool as 007 himself? With all the casting rumor and Clive being in a bunch of people’s wish list for the role (including mine), it’d be such a treat to see him on the opposite side, going toe to toe as Bond’s arch nemesis. With a shrewd script, it could be the best Bond ever. With a villain like this, it’d be tough to root for the hero!

* Cate Blanchett
There’s barely a memorable woman villain in a Bond flick (Elektra King is close, but not quite), but with Blanchett I think she can do the job and maybe even warrant an Oscar nomination, ha! She’d be reunited with Judi Dench, who’s her co-star in Notes of a Scandal, and maybe her character is has a connection with M somehow which creates a rift between her and Bond.

And last but not least, my ultimate dream Bond villain:

* Timothy Dalton
Andy @ Fandango Groovers once had this splendid idea of casting Dalton as an older, retired Bond. Now, the chance of that dream coming true is unfortunately zilch to none. Not that this one has even a slightly bigger chance of happening either, but think about it, it really would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

In the comment section the post, Ross lamented “… 20 odd films, and in not one of them is the audience at any stage worried about the fate of the lead character…” Well, I always thought Dalton’s Bond got that sense of danger and ruthlessness that makes us believe he’s capable of killing in cold blood. With the right direction and script, perhaps we could at least add more tension and suspense in the Bond/baddie dynamic and actually believe at least for a moment the seemingly-indestructible super spy is in serious peril.

Well, feel free to add to the list, or supply your thoughts about any of my picks.

2 Responses

on January 27, 2011 at 23:57 | Reply Ted S.

Those are good choices and I always thought that the Bond films never had a great villain. For such a iconic cinematic character, you’d expect him to have his Joker or Lex Luthor, maybe Mendes will finally create one for him.

My choice for an actor to play the villain in a Bond film is Kenneth Branagh, he’s a great actor and he could be quite menacing on screen if the role demands him to be. I always imagine what his character would’ve been like in Mission: Impossible 3 had Fincher directed the movie, he was attached to play the main bad guy.

on January 27, 2011 at 23:23 | Reply John

I LOVE the idea of Dalton. That’d be brilliant casting…

After seeing Inception, I thought Tom Hardy would be a good Bond villain…or even a Bond when Craig retired.

I love this series, but I don’t think it has had a strong villain since Sophie Marceau.

Some actors that come to mind: Javier Bardem, Gael Garcia Bernal, maybe Michael Fassbender?

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The Next Bond? Empty Re: The Next Bond?

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:01 am

FAN CAST: James Bond Live And Let Die
Live and Let Die is the second novel in Ian Fleming's James Bond series, first published by Jonathan Cape on April 5, 1954. Mr Murdock


Ian Fleming intended the follow-up to Casino Royale to be of a more serious tone, a meditation on the nature of evil. The novel's original title, The Undertaker's Wind, reflects this. Fleming conducted research for Live and Let Die and completed it before Casino Royale was published; his publishers had offered him a contract for three books following Royale's popularity. Drawing from personal experiences, the opening with Bond's arrival at New York's Idlewild Airport was inspired by Fleming's own arrivals in 1941 and 1953. Also, the warehouse at which Felix Leiter is attacked by a shark was based on a warehouse Fleming had visited in 1953.


James Bond is sent to New York City to investigate "Mr. Big", an underworld voodoo leader who is suspected by M of selling 17th century gold coins to finance Soviet spy operations in America. These gold coins have been turning up in Harlem and Florida and are suspected of being part of a treasure that was buried in Jamaica by the Welsh pirate Sir Henry Morgan. Although Bond is at first reluctant to take on the mission, his attitude quickly changes upon learning that Mr. Big is an agent of SMERSH and that this mission offers him a chance of retaliation for previously being tortured by SMERSH operative Le Chiffre and having a Russian (Cyrilic) letter carved into the back of his hand by a SMERSH assassin in Casino Royale.

In New York, Bond meets up with his counterpart in the CIA, Felix Leiter. The two decide to visit some of Mr. Big's nightclubs in Harlem, but Mr. Big is aware of their movements through his network of informers and they are easily captured. Bond is personally interrogated by Mr. Big, who uses his fortune telling-girlfriend, Solitaire, to determine if Bond is telling the truth. Solitaire lies to Mr. Big, supporting Bond's cover story. Mr. Big decides to release Bond and Felix with only a mild beating, and has one of his men break one of Bond's fingers by pulling it backward until it snaps, but Bond then escapes and kills several of Mr. Big's men in the process. Leiter is released by a sympathetic gang member who shares his love of jazz.

Solitaire later contacts Bond and they travel to St. Petersburg, Florida. While Bond and Leiter are scouting one of Mr. Big's warehouses that is used for storing exotic fish, Solitaire is kidnapped by Mr. Big's minions. Felix later returns to the warehouse by himself, but is either captured and fed to a shark or tricked into standing on a trap door over the shark tank. He survives, losing an arm and a leg. Bond finds him in their safe house with a note pinned to his chest "He disagreed with something that ate him". After getting Felix to the hospital, Bond investigates the warehouse himself, and discovers that Mr. Big is indeed smuggling gold by placing it in the bottom of fish tanks holding poisonous tropical fish. Bond destroys much of the warehouse and then causes Mr. Big's gunman (the "Robber") to fall into the shark tank without leaving evidence that he has discovered the coin-smuggling scheme.

Bond continues his mission in Jamaica where he meets Quarrel and John Strangways, the head of the MI6 station in Jamaica. Quarrel gives Bond training in scuba diving in the local waters. Bond swims through shark and barracuda infested waters to Mr. Big's island and manages to plant a limpet mine on the hull of his yacht before being captured once again by Mr. Big. In the grand finale, Mr. Big ties Solitaire and Bond to a line behind his yacht and plans to drag them over the shallow coral reef and into deeper water so that the sharks and barracuda that he attracts in to the area with regular feedings will eat them.

Bond and Solitaire are saved when the limpet mine explodes moments before they are dragged over the reef: though temporarily stunned by the explosion and injured on the coral[5] Bond and Solitaire are protected from the explosion by the reef, and Bond watches as Mr. Big, who survived the explosion, is killed by the sharks and barracuda. Bond and Solitaire then stay in Jamaica for a brief holiday in the book's close.


Michael Fassbender: Michael Fassbender is the perfect choice for the next James Bond. He greatly resembles the character illustrated by Ian Fleming and is no stranger to action movies previously starring in 300 and more recently Centurion.

Daniel Craig: Now don't get me wrong, Craig is great as Bond. He is by far the best Bond we've had since Sean Connery. He's played the character in Casino Royale bringing a whole new feel to the role but still. Now I'm not saying we should replace Craig but if did, Fassbender is the man for the job.

James Bond: A British Secret Agent, working for MI6, who is sent to New York City to investigate Mr. Big.

Commander James Bond is a secret agent for the British Secret Service, otherwise known as MI6. Also known by his code number 007, Bond is a spy of the highest order in the MI6 ranks, granted a license to kill and trained in all manner of subterfuge, intelligence gathering, and combat techniques. On more than one occasion, Bond has single-handedly saved the world, typically with a gorgeous woman on his arm and a martini in hand -- shaken, not stirred, of course.

Bond spent much of his childhood living abroad, where he gained an early ability in foreign languages. At the age of 11 he was orphaned when his parents were killed in a mountain-climbing accident, so he moved in with his aunt and studied briefly at the prestigious Eton College. He is believed to have also attended, at one time or another, Fettes College, the University of Geneva, Cambridge University, and Oxford, before joining the Royal Naval and, eventually, the Secret Service.

As secret agent 007, Bond has confronted all manner of domestic and international threats, from the worldwide terrorist agency known as SPECTRE to the former Soviet Union to corporate raiders to vicious drug lords. Almost always, 007 has met these challenges with aplomb, intelligence, and grace, and has formed the prototype for what a secret agent should and can be.


Idris Elba: This guy is a sensational actor. He's probably most well known for his role in HBO's The Wire but you guys will soon be seeing him as Heimdall in the upcoming CBM Thor.

Buonapart Ignace Gallia: An agent of SMERSH, he is also an underground voodoo practitioner, and the leader of a large criminal organization based in Harlem, New York, who has been distributing by sale the bounty of a 17th century pirate.

His nickname also comes from the fact that he is 6 ft 7 inches (200 cm) tall and weights 220 pounds (100 kg). He is forty-five years old. Big was born in Haiti and is half Black, half French. He got involved with Voodoo cult as a child, and eventually began making his living as a truck driver in Port-Au-Prince. Afterward, he emigrated to the U.S.A. and started working as a alcohol smuggler in a gang. When Prohibition ended he moved to Harlem and bought half of a share in a small nightclub. His partner was found in a barrel filled with cement in Harlem river in 1938, Big by default becoming the sole owner. Mobilized in 1943, he was posted to Marseilles due to his fluent French by the OSS. Probably trained in Moscow as a Soviet agent after World War II, Mr. Big then returned to Harlem in 1950 and entered the nightclub business as a front for more sinister operations. According to M, Mr. Big is one of the most powerful criminals in the world. Head of the "Black Widow Voodoo Cult", Big is believed by many of his subordinates to be a zombie controlled by Baron Samedi, the voodoo god of death and darkness; his greyish skin, the result of a diseased heart, lends plausibility to this belief. Big is also a member of SMERSH.

Mr. Big has discovered, and is engaged in excavating, the treasure trove of Sir Henry Morgan in Jamaica. Smuggling the valuable gold coins into Florida, he then has his agents sell them on to unsuspecting buyers as a means of laundering the treasure. He then uses the cash from the sales to finance the Soviet espionage machine in America.

Learning of this operation, Her Majesty's Government unleashes James Bond on Mr. Big after the events of Casino Royale, allowing Bond to exact his revenge on the organization SMERSH. Bond places a limpet mine on Big's yacht, the Secatur, sinking it. Although Big survives the explosion, he is killed moments later by a swarm of barracuda and sharks. He and his remaining henchmen are devoured while Bond watches.


Judi Dench: I tried and tried and tried but Judi Dench as M is a necessity. I can't recast her!

M: M sends Bond on a mission to investigate Mr. Big, who is suspected of selling 17th century gold coins.

M bends the rules for Bond on several occasions. For instance in the short story "For Your Eyes Only", Bond agrees to carry out a private assassination for M, while in The Man with the Golden Gun, Bond attempts to assassinate M himself; this is as a result of extreme Soviet brainwashing and M insists that Bond be rehabilitated rather than punished. In the first post-Fleming book, Colonel Sun, M is kidnapped from Quarterdeck, his home, and Bond goes to great lengths to rescue him. In the later books, written by John Gardner, M protects Bond from the new, less aggressive climate in the Secret Service, saying that "sometime this country will need a blunt instrument."

In On Her Majesty's Secret Service it is revealed that M's pay as head of the Secret Service is £6,500 a year, £1,500 of which coming from retired naval pay (by comparison, Bond makes £1,500). Although his pay is good for the 1950s and 1960s, it is never explained how M received or can afford his membership at Blades, an upscale private club for gentlemen he frequents in London to gamble and dine. Blades has a restricted membership of only 200 gentlemen and all must be able to show £100,000 in cash or gilt-edged securities.

As a personal favor to M, the staff at Blades keeps a supply of cheap red wine from Algeria on hand but does not include it on the wine list. M refers to it as "Infuriator" and - as evidenced in The Man with the Golden Gun - only drinks it in moderate quantities unless he is in a very bad mood.


Jeffrey Wright: Another brilliant actor unknown to me before Casino Royale. He owned as Felix Leiter in the last two films and really needs more screen time.

Felix Leiter: Bond's CIA counterpart and partner in New York and St Petersburg. Leiter is captured and dumped in a shark tank by Mr. Big's men.

Felix Leiter makes his first appearance and introduction to James Bond in the first Bond novel, Casino Royale. He is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corps as a Major, now working for the CIA and stationed in Paris: a tall, lanky, blond Texan. He quickly befriends Bond, and provides some much needed backup at a crucial moment during Bond's secret mission to bankrupt SMERSH paymaster Le Chiffre by outgambling him. When Bond loses a decisive Baccarat hand and is "cleaned-out", Leiter provides Bond with additional capital, allowing him to complete his mission which, thanks to Leiter, he does successfully.

In Live and Let Die, the second Bond novel, Leiter teams once again with Bond early on in the story, this time to crack down on the illegal operations of Mr. Big, a master criminal and known member of SMERSH who is smuggling gold coins into the U.S. After escaping Mr. Big's kidnapping together, Leiter goes alone to investigate a warehouse in Florida, where Mr. Big's henchman "The Robber" feeds him to a shark; Leiter survives, but loses an arm and a leg. He remains unconscious for the rest of the novel, and subsequently leaves the CIA because "with my shooting arm gone, they could only offer me desk work."


Djimon Hounsou: C'mon, Djimon as a fellow secret agent would be bad-ass! He's a great actor as shown in Gladiator and Blood diamond. He's in fantastic physical condition! This little role would be perfect for him!

Quarrel: A fellow MI6 agent, Quarrel gives Bond SCUBA training when he arrives in the Caribbean.

Quarrel is a Cayman Islander who first appears in the novel Live and Let Die. John Strangways, chief of the Secret Service's Caribbean station, hires him to serve as Bond's physical trainer and local guide as Bond prepares for his mission against Mr. Big. Bond and Quarrel immediately develop a strong friendship.
Quarrel's second and final appearance is in the novel Dr. No. Again training Bond, Quarrel then accompanies him to Dr. No's island, Crab Key, to investigate Dr. No's operation there. Quarrel's assistance proves highly valuable, but he is burned to death when he, Bond, and Honeychile Rider are attacked by Dr. No's flamethrower-equipped marsh buggy.


Rachel Weisz: She's been rumoured for a part in the upcoming film as an antagonist but she's so much better suited for Moneypenny.

Jane Moneypenny: M's secretary.

Miss Moneypenny is the confidential clerk and private secretary to M, the head of M.I.6. She holds the rank of Lieutenant RN, which is a prerequisite rank for this position. She is cleared for Top-Secret, Eyes-Only and Cabinet-Level intelligence reports, the latter of which she is often required to prepare, and in some cases present.

M's personal assistant is utterly dedicated to her work, which means she has little time for a social life. A close confidante of her boss, she also enjoys a flirtatious, mocking relationship with 007, whom she understands perfectly.


Alexander Skarsgard: This one may seem like a bit of an odd choice but I honestly think Skarsgard would be great for it. Another small role, for a great actor. He's amazing as Eric on HBO's True Blood.

John Strangways: Chief Secret Service agent in Jamaica.

He is a former Lieutenant-Commander in the special branch of the RNVR. He makes his first appearance in the novel Live and Let Die as the chief Secret Service agent in the Caribbean. Strangways is roughly 35 years of age and wears a black patch over one eye. He later appears in the novel Dr. No where he and his secretary, Mary Trueblood, are assassinated for prying into Dr. Julius No's business.


Marion Cotillard: This one is my favourite casting choice. Solitaire is French. Marion in French. Solitaire is hot. Marion is hot. What else is there to it!? She evens looks a little like Jane Seymour did in the original.

Simone Latrelle: A psychic in the employ of Mr. Big. she is known as Solitaire because she excludes men from her life.

her real name is Simone Latrelle, that she is of French stock, and she was born in Haiti; the name "Solitaire" (an near-oronym of her real name) is given to her by the Haitians because of her apparent exclusion of men from her life. The only physical difference appears to be that Solitaire is stated to have blue-black hair; she also possesses pale skin reminiscent of the tropical planter class. When Bond meets her she is twenty-five years old and described as "one of the most beautiful women Bond had ever seen."

On a later occasion Bond describes her as looking "rather French and very beautiful." At their first meeting, in the presence of Mr. Big, she comes across as superior, cold, and disdainful, an attitude reflected by her face, which Bond finds beautiful partly because of its lack of compromise and its hint of both cruelty and command. Once Solitaire has escaped from Mr. Big, she immediately becomes warm, open, and passionate towards Bond. Despite her obvious Gallic-Haitian heritage, there is no mention of her having any French accent.


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: This guy needs to be in more movies. Great actor as shown on Lost and his small but good role in The Bourne series. He'd make a great henchman!

Tee Hee Johnson: Henchman of Mr Big who breaks Bond's finger and is killed by Bond shortly afterward.

Tee Hee is an imposing African-American gangster. He is killed early in the story when Bond kicks him over a railing and he falls down a stairwell. Tee Hee had previously broken the little finger of Bond's left hand on Mr. Big's orders—giggling as he did so—after Bond was captured in Mr. Big's Harlem nightclub.


Michael Clarke Duncan: MCD is one of my favourite actors. He was the best part of Daredevil and is equally great in Sin City. Another henchman. his character being described as being burly.. I think he fits the bill.

Whisper: Henchman of Mr Big. A tuberculosis survivor who has only half of one lung. Operates the telephone switchboard that is the center of Mr. Big's surveillance network in Harlem.

his quiet voice is attributed to a childhood bout of tuberculosis, from which one and a half of his lungs had to be surgically removed, leaving him with only half a lung with which to breathe and talk. He is in charge of a telephone switchboard, at which he can receive orders from Mr. Big and pass them on to other operatives as needed. Whisper is arrested in the end of the novel.

He is seen on a number of occasions throughout the film; when Bond travels to meet Felix Leiter in New York, when he pulls alongside Bond's cab, he kills Bond's chauffeur by using a poison dart in his car, attempting to kill Bond as well by causing a car accident. Later, he is seen bringing a bottle of champagne to Bond in his hotel bungalow on the island of San Monique. Rosie Carver then alerts Bond that Whisper is not on the hotel payroll and should be viewed with caution. He appears at the end of the film in Kananga's lair.

'The names Bond, James Bond'

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BOND AMBITIONS: Licences to kill are notoriously difficult to obtain. They're even harder to keep. But then that's always been one of the hazards of playing James Bond. Almost as soon as an actor is cast as Ian Fleming's superspy, fans and journalists begin speculating about who's going to replace him. And while current 007 Daniel Craig is considered the best Bond since Sean Connery retired his Walther PPK, it hasn't stopped people from speculating about which actor may be next in line.

The latest name? Michael Fassbender, currently starring as Magneto in X-Men: First Class. (That film's director Matthew Vaughn even suggested to the website Bleeding Cool that Fassbender would be a good choice after Craig moves on. And Vaughn, after all, directed Layer Cake, the crime drama in which Bond's producers first noticed Craig.) Of course, being the front-runner in the he-should-be-Bond-next sweepstakes isn't all that enviable a position either. Remember the years Clive Owen was seen as the heir apparent while Pierce Brosnan still had the role? And Fassbender aside, there is no shortage of other actors eager for the chance to order a martini, shaken not stirred.

As for Craig, he's committed to at least one more Bond outing, which will be released in November 2012 under the direction of Oscar-winner Sam Mendes.

But Craig, who has two potential franchises launching this year with Cowboys & Aliens and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, knows no Bond lasts forever. "I went into it with just the intention that I leave it in a better place than when I found it," he told us shortly after Quantum of Solace was released. "That's all you can do. And hopefully ... I will get out of it before it goes wrong."

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Friday, 10 June 2011
Special Features - Battle of the Bonds: Michael Fassbender vs. Daniel Craig

With talk of Michael Fassbender as a potential future Bond, Liam Trim oversees a battle between the X-Men: First Class star and 007 himself Daniel Craig...

Okay so I know technically Michael Fassbender isn’t a Bond but there was no way I was calling this anything else. If you’ve seen the new X-Men film you’ll know Fassbender essentially gives a super powered performance of our favourite suave secret agent. My review points out as much here.

Critics up and down this green and pleasant land are saying they’d like to see Fassbender play Bond in future. Some are even calling for the head of Daniel Craig now, just two films after Craig successfully rebooted cinema’s longest running franchise to acclaim from commentators and audiences alike. But the problem is Casino Royale was almost six years ago. Since then we’ve had the action packed disappointment of Quantum of Solace, in which Craig was still good but hampered and limited by a mostly naff script. We’ve also had the crisis of MGM delaying the release of Bond 23. All the while Craig has been ageing, the poor thing.

I am a huge fan of Craig’s interpretation of Bond but even I have to admit that he’ll be under pressure if Bond 23 doesn’t vastly improve on Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace. Sam Mendes is at the helm and the signs are good but then most of us Bond fans were saying that on the web about the last one. Forster was supposedly a director who could tell a story but we were left with some decent action at the start, which felt like it was still part of Casino Royale, followed by a disappointing story with flashes of average action that was an unsatisfying epilogue to the reboot at best.

Because of the delays then, as well as the unstoppable onslaught of human decay, Fassbender has the edge on youth. His career is also shifting into a top gear; at a time when Craig’s is also attracting big enough projects that could tempt him away from Bond should the 23rd instalment prove be a sinking ship.

Enough build up. Let’s compare a few necessary requirements for an actor playing a 00 agent. Bonds do battle.



300 (2006)
Eden Lake (2008)
Hunger (2008)
Town Creek (2009)
Fish Tank (2009)
Inglorious Basterds (2009)
Centurion (2010)
Jonah Hex (2010)
X-Men: First Class (2011)
Jane Eyre (2011)


Casino Royale (2006)
The Invasion (2007)
The Golden Compass (2007)
Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)
Quantum of Solace (2008)
Defiance (2008)
Cowboys and Aliens (2011)
Dream House (2011)
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Round 1 – Acting Chops

Going from both men’s biggest hits and breakthroughs to the mainstream in 2006 (300 and Casino Royale) to the present day, it’s probably Fassbender with the more impressive list. There were meaty roles for him in Hunger, Fish Tank and the upcoming Jane Eyre. Hunger in particular alerted directors everywhere to his talent. The film carries a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is “anchored” by Fassbender’s performance, according to Empire Magazine. Working with Quentin Tarantino is no bad thing for a CV either.

Craig on the other hand followed up his cold and commanding debut as Bond with the critically panned The Invasion with Nicole Kidman and average kids film The Golden Compass, which was supposed to launch an all conquering series to rival Harry Potter. Flashbacks of a Fool was a favour to directing friend Baillie Walsh, in which he gave a performances as a washed up actor fallen from grace. It was good but not the main role in the film, as the rest was told in flashbacks to childhood and in any case it wasn’t a big hit. He pulled off an impressive accent in Edward Zwick’s Defiance and generally convinced as a leader. Only recently has Craig got some really appetising projects on the go though, working with the likes of Spielberg for Tintin, David Fincher for Dragon Tattoo and Harrison Ford and Jon Favreau for Cowboys and Aliens.

Verdict: Even with that lull for Craig, it’s difficult to separate the abilities of these two.

Round 2 – Sex Appeal

I am definitely the wrong person to ask about this. But there’s no doubt that Bond has to be able to inspire a certain longing in the ladies, with a mere gesture or flirtatious glance. Both actors have charisma and cool credentials. Fassbender dresses up smart in the latest X-Men, as well as donning casual hard man leather jackets and camp superhero costume, cape and all. In Fish Tank his character’s raw masculinity was irresistible to mother and daughter alike. Inglorious Basterds saw him with slick and precise hair and a uniform. After starring as Mr Rochester as Jane Eyre later this year, further legions of women will join the ranks of his swooning admirers, with the earliest recruits hooked by the sight of his muscular and barely clothed physique in 300.

From what I’m told Craig is not a bad catch either. Certainly upon news of his casting as Bond and following the first viewings of those notorious blue Speedos, the females in my social circles could talk of nothing else in fits of giggles for days. Perhaps they’ll like the sight of him in a Cowboy hat.

Verdict: I really don’t know, they both seem to be handsome chaps and I imagine it comes down to personal preference. However if I had to make a decision, I’d say that Fassbender’s mixed Irish/German heritage makes him more exotic. Plus he seems taller. I hear that’s good.

Round 3 – Who would win in a fight?

Fassbender fought like a lion on speed in 300. And as I’ve said he had very little on. That’s impressive and a Spartan warrior takes some beating. However Bond doesn’t fight with swords, well not very often. He’s got to be able to beat a man to death with his fists, win shootouts and take out bad guys in witty ways. Fassbender did a lot of grunting and killing in 300 but where were the one liners? And in Inglorious Basterds he got shot almost immediately after some lengthy chit chat. Bullets are meant to swerve to avoid 007.

Or in Craig’s case, merely puncture his huge pecs. Craig has proven himself already as Bond, especially physically. His stunts and fight scenes have brought the series up to date. Some have criticised the mimicking of Bourne-esque action, which is valid for Quantum of Solace but off the mark for Casino Royale. In the past Craig has blown up enemies of Israel in Munich and taken on the Nazis in Defiance. Judging by the trailers he’s going to kick some Cowboy/Alien ass this summer too.

Verdict: Fassbender needs more time to learn the ropes but unless he’s got his metal moving powers still, looks like Craig will knock him out.

Round 4 – Staying true to Fleming’s original

In X-Men: First Class Fassbender proves he can speak menacingly in Spanish, French and German. He is ruthless and suave and all action. He has a taste for the ladies and strong principles which he stands by. He is loyal. All of these qualities and more that Fassbender displays as the young Magneto, travelling the globe conducting his own private espionage, are those of Ian Fleming’s original spy. If Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were ever bold enough to take Bond back in time, Fassbender would be perfect for another reboot. His British officer look in Inglorious Basterds, combined with his Magneto, creates a pretty cool version of James Bond licence to kill.

It’s unlikely the producers will ever take Bond into the past and a Cold War world again because they feel that would tarnish the earlier films which covered that ground already. Bond needs to find a way to carry on in the modern world whilst retaining the best elements of the original. And Daniel Craig’s version of the character found that path with Casino Royale. His more human and more brutal portrayal took Bond back to his literary roots with tremendous results.

Verdict: Impossible to split. Fassbender has the potential to be a classic Bond as Fleming imagined him but Craig has already proven himself as a Bond inspired by the books as well as the films.

So at the end of that battle we know nothing new. It’s a draw on points. Basically Fassbender might be a good Bond when Craig steps aside but for now he’s doing a good job. What happens next all rests on Bond 23.

What do you think? Would Fassbender make a better Bond than Craig?

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Fassbender fav to be next Bond, will January Jones join him?
June 4, 2011 By Andy

William Hill have been forced to slash the price of Michael Fassbender being named as Daniel Craig's replacement as 007 from 33/1 to 5/2 favourite after punters piled in since Thursday night.

"We have never had someone shorten that quickly in the next Bond betting, as a result you have to think that Michael has at least been discussed behind not too closed doors!" said Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

The good news for Daniel Craig fans is that the latest odds suggest he will do a further three films and that he will be joined by Esti Ginzburg or January Jones in the next film!

Who will play the next 007 after Daniel Craig?: 5/2 Michael Fassbender, 11/4 Sam Worthington, 8/1 Will Smith, 8/1 Christian Bale, 10/1 Clive Owen, 12/1 Dougray Scott, 12/1 Alex O'Loughlin, 14/1 Orlando Bloom, 20/1 James Purefoy, 20/1 Henry Carvill, 25/1 Julian McMahon, 25/1 Goran Visnjic, 33/1 Ewan McGregor, 40/1 Jude Law, 40/1 Robert Pattinson, 66/1 Brad Pitt, 66/1 Colin Farrell.

How many more Bond films will Daniel Craig play as Bond?: 8/1 None, 4/1 One, 2/1 Two, 7/4 Three, 5/1 Four, 8/1 Five, 12/1 Six or more

Main Bond girl in 2012 release: 2/1 Esti Ginzburg; 5/1 January Jones, 5/1 Rachel Weisz; 7/1 Frieda Pinto; 7/1 Kate Winslet; 9/1 Ashwarya Rai; 8/1 Lily Cole; 8/1 Eva Mendes, , 8/1 Kaya Scodelario; 10/1 Felicity Jones; 10/1 Penelope Cruz, 12/1 Kristen Stewart; 14/1 Romola Garie; 18/1 Emma Stone; 20/1 Michelle Ryan; 20/1 Kara Tointon; 33/1 Angelina Jolie; 50/1 Kim Kardashian; 100/1 Chery; Cole, 1000/1 Katie Price

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Michael Fassbender: A Bond To Be?

I vividly recall seeing Quentin Tarantino’s Nazi-revenge film Inglourious Basterds in theatres, and how a strange thought occurred to me during the long and memorable “tavern” scene wherein British Secret Agent Lt. Archie Hicox (played by the increasingly popular Michael Fassbender) goes undercover as a German soldier with a few of the Basterds in a high-stakes covert operation that goes badly wrong. I remember saying to myself (concerning Hicox’s character): “This guy is Tarantino’s take on James Bond”.

Fassbender's British Special Agent Hicox working undercover in a Bond-esque sequence

Everything about Fassbender’s character perfectly reflected the character of James Bond as depicted in Ian Fleming’s novels, from his suave attitude and coolness under pressure to his appreciation of fine scotch, which can be seen once his cover is finally blown and Hicox reverts to his native British accent to state: “There’s a special rung in hell reserved for people who waste good scotch. Seeing as how I may be rapping on the door momentarily…”. This moment screams of Fleming’s Bond, and it occurred to me that Hicox was simply a war-era take on the character whose mission doesn’t go so well. We’ve seen Agent 007 in a million tight situations, but we have never seen him fail to escape with his life, and that is precisely what Tarantino decided to give us in that scene, both as a means of toying with our expectations and paying homage to one of cinema’s greatest characters. After reviewing that entire sequence a few more times, as well as the earlier establishing scene wherein Hicox receives his orders from Mike Myers’ General Ed Fenech (who is seemingly a parody of Bond’s boss “M”), it seems painfully obvious that this was Tarantino’s intention. The similarities are just too strong to be coincidental. Even his name (Hicox) is a pun on Bond’s reputation for promiscuity as a lover and his inflated sense of masculinity.

Fassbender's Cold War era Magneto resembles Agent 007 on more than one occasion

Now, nearly two years later, Fassbender has returned to the spotlight to star as a Cold War era Magneto/Erik Lehnsherr in Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class – a superhero flick that plays at times like a revenge-spy thriller, with Lehnsherr working towards finding the man responsible for the atrocities that shaped his life as a Jewish prisoner in a German concentration camp in WWII. Not only is Fassbender the strongest and most assured character in that film, but several of his early scenes (before he becomes associated with Charles Xavier and the future X-Men) reflect several elements of the Bond franchise as well. One scene in particular has him sneaking aboard a ship in the middle of the ocean wearing a very Bond-esque wetsuit and looking like a reincarnation of a ’60s-era Sean Connery in Thunderball.

Director Vaughn has even been quoted as having compared his film to spy films like the Bond movies, and has alluded to the fact that he sees Fassbender as a viable option to play Bond (if Craig departs from the role after the upcoming and still untitled Bond 23). These comments can be seen at the following two (very similar) sources: [] and [] both of which I found when researching images of Fassbender for this article.

Artistic rendition of Fleming's Bond character looks shockingly similar to Fassbender

Initially, I didn’t realize so many other people have come to make the Bond-Fassbender connection that I made back in 2009 at my screening of Basterds, but I suppose the German-born UK-dwelling actor shares so many strong characteristics with cinema’s favourite secret agent that it would be difficult to ignore. Personally, I am a big fan of Daniel Craig’s modern take on Agent 007, and want nothing more than for him to have more time with the character. Still, I can’t help but notice how perfectly Fassbender resembles the Bond from Fleming’s novels, not only in physical appearance but also in his composure and assured talents as an actor. And with all the internet buzz about how perfect Fassbender would be as a potential replacement for Craig in the years to come, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him gaining even more buzz over the next few years as Hollywood’s most promising Bond to-be. If he’s this good at dealing with Nazis, I’m sure he could handle the jumpsuit-wearing goons working for Spectre. Oh, excuse me, I meant to say Quantum…

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