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Five Reasons Jonah Hex Might Be Awesome

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Five Reasons Jonah Hex Might Be Awesome Empty Five Reasons Jonah Hex Might Be Awesome

Post by Admin on Thu May 27, 2010 2:50 am

5 Reasons Why ‘Jonah Hex’ Might Be Awesome

Posted by Neil Miller ( on May 27, 2010 Share

IGN has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. release Jonah Hex, a comic book adaptation about a heavily scarred gunslinger with a supernatural skill set. And while the production has been marred by reports of re-shoots, editing problems and a list of creative differences longer than its eventual credit roll, this new trailer could give fans a bit of hope. With that in mind, I’ve concocted a quick list of reasons — based on my viewing of this new trailer — why Jonah Hex might not be all that bad. Lets examine the evidence.

1. Josh Brolin is a badass dude, bad dialogue or not

Expect a lot of the title character’s dialog to be groan worthy. The involvement of Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor in the script has assured us of that. Though there must be a sense of optimism around Josh Brolin, who is one gritty, tough son-of-a-bitch in just about everything he does. As we see in the trailer, he gets his one-liners, but he also makes some sweet kills.

2. Jonah Hex buys guns from Lance Reddick

From his role as Agent Broyles on Fringe to his mysterious man persona on Lost to just about everything he’s ever done, Reddick seems to pop up in random guide-post roles and make it interesting. Also, did you see some of those badass old western weapons? It’s like the best parts of Wild Wild West up in here, sans mechanical spider (as far as I can tell).

3. Michael Fassbender

You will most likely recognize Michael Fassbender as British Lt. Archie Hicox in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Though you may also have seen him in two intense performances, Fish Tank and Hunger. Then again, as one of the nasty villains of Hex with interesting face tattoos, you might not recognize him at all. Just know this: he’s a serious force capable of stealing the show at any moment.

4. Megan Fox’s accent will be hilarious

Enough Megan Fox bashing. Lets just embrace the fact that her acting is so bad, it’s funny. Her accent in this movie will likely be a source of chuckles. Lets not take that for granted.

5. The Personification of Evil, courtesy of John Malkovich

I have no doubt that you’ve seen Con Air. And like Jonah Hex, the quality of that film was questionable. One thing that is certain is that John Malkovich can play himself one sick bastard if necessary. This is one of those times of great necessity. He’s just one of those actors you shouldn’t bet against.

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