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Post by Admin on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:00 pm

6:04 pm - 11/14/2010
Top 10 TV Angels

Thanks to some divine intervention, here are our 10 favorite angels from TV.

10. Tess, Touched by an Angel
For most people, Della Reese’s Tess is the perfect angel, a wise older woman who dispenses simplistic morals to help people solve difficult problems.

9. The Angel Skeleton, The Simpsons
The Simpsons got somewhat serious when an angel skeleton was discovered and everyone except Lisa believed it was real. In the end, Lisa was proven right as it was all a publicity stunt for a new mall.

8. Marty DePolo, Teen Angel
Part of the later TGIF line-up, the teen angel wasn’t too bright, but what do you expect from a high school kid who died when he agreed to eat a six-month-old hamburger on a dare.

7. Azazeal, Hex
This fallen angel played by Michael Fassbender used his considerable charms and good looks to seduce many, many women for his own nefarious plans.

6. Jonathan Smith, Highway to Heaven
For five seasons Michael Landon played this angel sent back to Earth to help people solve their problems.

5. Steve, Reaper
Steve was initially cast out of Heaven and turned into a demon, but thanks to his conscientious objection to using violence in the rebellion against the Devil, Steve was able to get his wings back and return to his life as an angel, one who was willing to break Sam’s arm for a mysterious reason viewers will never know.

4. Aaron Corbett, Fallen
Paul Wesley has a knack for playing supernatural beings. He’s a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, he was a werewolf on Wolf Lake, and in this ABC miniseries he was an angel (or half-angel) who could redeem others.

3. The Angel America, Angels in America
Emma Thompson was haunting and powerful as the angel who came down to command Prior to be a prophet.

2. Earl, Saving Grace
Lovable and all-powerful, Earl tried his best to keep Grace grounded, but what made him a great angel was his fun-loving approach and light-hearted outlook on life.

1. Castiel, Supernatural
Sam and Dean Winchester’s friendly angel, Castiel can provide backup or a punchline because his ability to defeat all enemies is only matched by his naïve lack of understanding when it comes to human activities.

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