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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 10, 2010 10:48 pm

Singlarity: Single Hilarity
February 10, 2010
Band of Hotties: Where are they now? Part II
singlarity @ 1:41 am

Yes, Rick Warden (far left) really is that short.

“They were brave men. They were complex men. And, thanks to Spanks’s crack casting agents, they were also hot men. (Well, except David Schwimmer.)”

- Television Without Pity

Back in 2001, mere days before the tragic events at the World Trade Centre, a mammoth 10-part miniseries produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg (a.k.a Spanks) premiered on HBO. With The Pacific set to premiere this March, the ladies of Singlarity thought it would be a good time to catch up with some of the cast of Band of Brothers. Some have gone on to work with award-winning directors, some have popped up in random commercials, while others have faded into obscurity or have gone behind the scenes to voice high-pitched, panty-waisted prepubescent cartoon characters. WTF, Scott? So this is part II in the series in which we catch up with your beloved band of hotties.

Part I

Hotties on a hard body

Ron Livingston (Capt. Lewis Nixon)

Prior to Band of Brothers, Ron Livingston was best known as that guy from Office Space. Livingston has been pretty busy ever since with roles in both feature films (The Cooler, Little Black Book, Pretty Persuasion and The Time Traveler’s Wife) and TV shows (The Practice, Sex and the City and Standoff). He was most recently seen on Canadian television in the sci-fi series Defying Gravity in which he plays one of eight astronauts living on an international space craft exploring the Solar System. Ayn doesn’t think he’s aged well.

I'd love to see another Lewis-Livingston pairing

Donnie Wahlberg (Lt. Carwood Lipton)

Prior to Band of Brothers, Donnie Wahlberg earned his first 15 minutes of fame as the “bad boy” member of New Kids on the Block. He was virtually unrecognizable as the shooter in the opening of The Sixth Sense. After the miniseries, Donnie teamed up again with Damian Lewis in the Stephen King film Dreamcatcher. After two seasons as the lead on NBC’s Boomtown, Donnie went on to appear in not one but three films in the Saw franchise (yikes!). In 2008, Donnie and the other five members of New Kids on the Block reunited for an new album and tour, which was more successful than I could have expected. Scanning through Donnie’s IMDb profile and you can’t help but notice that he’s played a police detective about a billion times. Time to stretch yourself a little, Donnie, or start showing another side to the casting directors. Personally, I think Donnie has more acting talent than his more famous sibling, Mark.

Like Lipton, Donnie has a big heart.

Neal McDonough (Lt. Buck Compton)

McDonough is equally known for his propensity to wear really tight and revealing pants and for his propensity to play angry (sometimes ax-wielding) characters. His blue eyes and platinum blond hair make him the perfect guy to play intense and possibly bat-s$#! crazy characters. After working alongside Wahlberg in NBC’s Boomtown, McDonough took the lead in the imaginatively-titled procedural Medical Investigations for two seasons. McDonough returned to World War II in Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers before playing the title character in the SyFy miniseries Tin Man (sporting impossibly tight khakis). He had the unfortunate distinction of playing Lindsay Lohan’s father in the multiple-Razzie-nominated I Know Who Killed Me. McDonough was last seen playing the vengeful Dave Williams on Desperate Housewives.

McDonough with the real Buck Compton

Michael Fassbender (Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson)

Following Band of Brothers, Michael played the devilish Azazael on the less than stellar Hex. The show literal went to Hell after he left. In 2007, Michael became the object of many women’s and gay men’s desires as Stelios in the (homoerotic) classic 300, alongside Gerard Butler. He received critical praise for his turn as Bobby Sands in Hunger. Most recently, we got to see Michael speak German in Inglourious Basterds. He can be seen in the upcoming Jonah Hex film and will soon begin filming Jane Eyre where he plays the mysterious Mr. Rochester. YUMMY!

I can assure you that those abs were not painted on

Eion “Frickin’” Bailey (Pvt. David Kenyon Webster)

Frickin’ followed Band of Brothers with a role in And Starring Pancho Villa alongside Antonio Banderas. Since then he has had small roles in small films and has made the rounds on almost all of CBS’s procedural dramas (Without a Trace, Cold Case , CSI: NY, and Numb3rs).

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:41 am

Sunday, March 21, 2010
The Pacific

Last Sunday the new mini series "The Pacific", created by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks premiered on HBO.

They have previously done the mini series Band of Brothers that got great reviews and recently was re-aired on HBO.

After watching the first part last week, it's clear that they have another hit on their hands.

I like the fact that in the first part they kinda highlighted and put an emphasis on family and how and why the soldiers ended up making the choice to fight. But also showing that it was not only men that was already enlisted but also civilians that decided to join after Pearl Harbor getting attacked.

I believe that this miniseries is going to especially appeal to the american audience even more than Band of Brothers, mainly because of the war against Japan that was more of a "personal" thing in comparison to the battles in Europe.

Something that I've always liked is that they mainly cast actors that haven't previously had major leading roles in movies or tv-shows.
Look at Band of Brothers for example;

Damian Lewis went from a having couple of small parts in various series and movies to having the leading role in the TV-series Life.

Scott Grimes had before Band of Brothers been having a recurring role in the tvshow Party of Five, but later on moved on to star in ER for 112 episodes and have recently completed one of his first major movie roles as Will Scarlet in Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott.

Michael Fassbender have after Band of Brothers become an international star staring in most recently oscar nominated "Inglorious Basterds" and have many more movies lined up.

An actor that I like that has finally gotten his chance is James Badge Dale; he has previously had roles in series like 24, Rescue Me, The Black Donnellys and also for me a very memorable crossover role in CSI:Miami and CSI:NY.
I hope this part will shot him to stardom and give him plenty more roles.

I'm really glad to see actors like William Sadler and Jon Seda getting bigger roles again.
William Sadler is most recognizable from tvshows Roswell and Wonderfalls.

Jon Seda have stared in several series and movies like Close to home, Homicide: Life on the street and Third Watch.

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:20 am

Spotted: Band Of Brothers
March 25, 2010 - 2:30
The Chronicle> Spotted

In honor of the mini-series The Pacific, today Spotted more conceptual than usual because he does not return to the career of an actor serial precise, but the faces that were crossed during a single program: Band Of Brothers. To do this, hours of viewing - no messing around - and sometimes, a scan of the screen improper not to miss the transition from actor! All that hard work you presented today, then it's time to see if you remember everybody:

They already knew:

Ron Livingston - Capt. Lewis Nixon (10 episodes)

Difficult to miss, Ron Livingston is one of the main cast of the series, and is installed in the set, Capt. Nixon was the best friend of Major Winters (first real role of the show). It is not necessarily easy to measure awareness of the actor in France, but the U.S., it is primarily known as Peter Gibbons of Office Space, cult film that I can only urge you to see if you can have not yet done. It was an episode that is particularly focused on him: Why We Fight (1.09).

Scott Grimes - TSgt. Donald Malarkey (10 episodes)

We also accompanied throughout the course of the series, Scott Grimes is in the skin of Technical Sergeant Donald Malarkey. While some have been discovered in the ER, the toughest moral point of us have followed the misadventures in Party of Five, where he played Will McCorkle, the best friend of Bailey Salinger (played by the other Scott Series !)

Donnie Wahlberg - 2nd Lt. C. Carwood Lipton (10 episodes)

10 episodes on the clock, but especially in the final straight as Carwood Lipton stands out, even using a narrator in one episode (The Breaking Point - 1.07). Before his career as an actor, Donnie Walhberg was especially popular because it belonged to the group New Kids On The Block. His first notable performance was the intro scene of Sixth Sense. Avant la série, Before the series, he will have had a few roles in film and television. Not a stranger to the battalion, then. Note that in 2003 it will be in Dreamcatcher, the film in which we find also in the leading roles, Damian Lewis - and that despite the negative reviews, I found it not too bad, but this is only my humble opinion

Dexter Fletcher - SSgt. John Martin (8 épisodes)

A good figure for the English actor Dexter Fletcher, who will be absent for two episodes, but survive the war. While it is likely that many French have actually found the actor after this mini-series, his career began in 1976 and is also one of the leading roles in 1998 from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, first success by Guy Ritchie. He did a lot of other things, but it is known among us, it seemed a good example.

Neal McDonough - 1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton (8 episodes)

With his square face and blue eyes, hard to forget when Neal McDonough crosses. And before Band Of Brothers, he had already shown a lot: One Murder, Cop Shanghai television or Ravenous and Star Trek First Contact film. He also survived the war.

Frank John Hughes - SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere (7 episodes)

Wild Bill was a good shot, but by helping his friend Joe Toye he will lose his right leg (as Toye, also). An event that will terminate its participation in the war, and if I remember correctly, one of the scenes will be censored by France 2 during the first run. The before and after the Band Of Brothers Frank John Hughes is packed television series, then it is difficult to have never crossed his path. Personally, I know especially for Players, but he was also passed by FBI Family and had some guest roles to his credit.

David Schwimmer - Capt. Herbert Sobel (3 episodes)

From this first batch of actors, David Schwimmer was without doubt the best known on our land at the time of dissemination, through Friends of course. He will be in three episodes, but it is not difficult to remember him especially for his role in the first.

Kirk Acevedo - SSgt. Joseph Toye (6 épisodes)

Kirk Acevedo was already part of the team HBO, viewers of the channel could still be seen in Oz (1997-2003). I admit, it had to have Serie Club in those days to know, but in my case, then it has its place in this first batch of players! As for his role in the series, his presence has already been mentioned with those other characters, who, like him, were certainly part of the protagonists that it was easy to focus.

Colin Hanks - 2nd Lt. Henry Jones (1 épisode)

Unsurprisingly, and like many actors from the family business, Colin Hanks began his career in film Dad, That Thing You Do! "Honestly, I do not remember him in - he has a small role . Regardless, it is mainly because in 1999 the sériephile will become better acquainted with the boy in the teen drama by Jason Katims, Roswell. Between seasons or time of pause (this is not as if this was super in show), it will therefore on HBO - it's always good for the CV - the time an episode of Band Of Brothers, where he will be sufficiently present: The Last Patrol (1.08).

Jimmy Fallon - 2nd Lt. George Rice (1 épisode)

Jimmy Fallon almost look like a guest star in Band Of Brothers, the actor is already installed at the time of Saturday Night Live, he left permanently in 2004. It therefore appears in the guise of 2nd Lt. George Rice, during Crossroads (1.05) to come provide ammunition to our men.

We know them from:

Damian Lewis - Maj. Richard D. Winters (10 épisodes)

Whether the British or American soil, it is this period that Damian Lewis has really made his breakthrough, aided in England by The Forsyte Saga. Me, anyway, that's when I discovered the actor, who had already participated in some outstanding works (like Warriors), and therefore will eventually prevail, and be sure to know d a new audience with the excellent Life. Winters is also the central character - although gradually put aside while they ascend the ranks - and, my favorite of Easy Company of the 506th parachute infantry regiment of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division.

Michael Cudlitz - Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman (9 épisodes)

Despite the fact that he was now almost in the entire series, I must admit that I completely forgot about Michael Cudlitz, whose character, Denver 'Bull' Randleman, is yet to be put forward Replacements in the episode (1.04) - where he finds himself isolated from his company in Nuenen, and forced to await the departure of the enemy. However, since the actor has been seen in quite a few series as a guest (24, 3 CSI, Prison Break, Life, Lost, etc..) And had two regular roles: Standoff (with Livingston in the first role) and recently Southland.

Jamie Bamber - 2nd Lt. Jack Foley (3 episodes)

While in England, Jamie Bamber debuted in the famous Hornblower, and has quietly continued his career, he has clearly made a name with Battlestar Galactica. We can therefore add to the list of English actors whose presence in Band Of Brothers was unexpected. It is therefore his first appearance in the snow, facing the incompetence of Lt. Dike during the important episode The Breaking Point (1.07), and will be there for the next two.

Stephen Graham - Sgt. Myron 'Mike' Ranney (2 épisodes)

Considering there is not very long in the "high occupancy, and the equally excellent film Public Enemies (I am quick to focus!), It has also been seen in Gangs Of New York, bad mini-series Empire, Goal, This is England, Snatch or Inkheart. In short, it is enough to make the filmo Stephen Graham, who will be present mainly in the first two episodes of Band Of Brothers. Do not worry, it will not die immediately, it will survive the war, and we may even see it in episode 5, in which he took part in a fight.

Jason O'Mara - 1st Lt. Thomas Meehan (2 épisodes)

This is the death of 1st Lt. Thomas Meehan June 5, 1544, when the plane he was affected, which will parachute Winters leader. Before Band Of Brothers, Jason O'Mara had a lot of shows in the UK, including The Bill unbeatable. But it must be said, most of us had to make his acquaintance with The Agency. It has been seen since in In Justice, Men In Trees or the U.S. remake of Life On Mars.

Simon Pegg - 1st Sgt. William Evans (2 épisodes)

2001, when Band Of Brothers but also the year end of Spaced. Capt. William Evans will deliver mostly bad news for Capt. Herbert Sobel (David Schwimmer). The actor was not in complete anonymity at the time of release, but its popularity has exploded in recent years with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Michael Fassbender - Sgt. Burton 'Pat' Christenson (7 épisodes)

2009 was his year with Inglorious Basterds. Yet there is ample time to cross the actor on TV (Murphy's Law, Hex, The Devil's Whore) and film (Eden Lake, 300). Note that before the miniseries, he had had a role on television, in 3 episodes of Hearts and Bones. Finally, we must recognize that certain camera angles make it slightly difficult to identify, then it is enough now.

Tom Hardy - John A. Janovec (2 épisodes)

Primary role for Tom Hardy, who has come a long way from Star Trek Nemesis, the excellent Layer Cake, another war drama about Colditz (with Damian Lewis), The Virgin Queen (with Dexter Fletcher), Mary Antoinette, Cape Wrath, Oliver Twist (the miniseries), RocknRolla, Bronson, Wuthering Heights and The Take. In short, he had time to get noticed. John A. Janovec join him on our troops for the last two episodes.

Marc Warren - Pvt. Albert Blithe (3 épisodes)

Pvt. The career of Mark Warren is quite long, and in 2003-04 it was clear that the actor has emerged between State Of Play and Hustle. Albert Blithe be present during the first three episodes, the last batch (Carentan) is focused on him, and his fear of confrontation.

Matthew Settle - Capt. Ronald Speirs (6 épisodes)

Ronald Speirs will prove to be a real bad-ass in the group, and also climb the ladder a bit. It is not as much as others, but it will shine enough for people to remember him without too much difficulty. Matthew Settle had meanwhile started his career in 1996. It is obvious today, it is Rufus from Gossip Girl, but we have seen before on ER, The Practice or Brothers & Sisters.

Richard Speight Jr. - Sgt. Warren 'Skip' Muck (7 épisodes)

Whether the IBM commercials, role of Trickster in Supernatural, Bill in Jericho or of Lex in The Agency, I do not think me too much risk in saying that if only one knows the name of Richard Speight Jr. this happened to many after Band Of Brothers, and not before. It will be part of those who die in combat.

Eion Bailey - Pvt. David Kenyon Webster (6 épisodes)

It was one of the first roles of the most qu'oubliable Significant Others, and like a lot of his colleagues, thanks to another series that will be more noticed. Since then, some movies, some guests, a passage of 10 episodes in ER, and soon, now the cast as recurring in the future of USA, Covert Affairs. n Band Of Brothers, the episode The Last Patrol (1.08 - the one with Colin Hanks, thus) placed in the main character, following his return from the hospital late after Bastogne.

Andrew Lee Potts - Pvt. Eugene Jackson (1 épisode)

If Webster has many difficulties to reintegrate in The Last Patrol, is that during his absence, the men - which includes Eugene Jackson - have coalesced because of Bastogne. For Andrew Lee Potts, one can say that Alice has the chance to find an American audience - the press have said quite a good performance - as he is known here to be in Primeval Connor Temple.

James McAvoy - Pvt. James Miller

James Miller is one of the "Replacements" (1.04) and will be put in its place. No matter, because it is the early career of James McAvoy, first on television (Children of Dune, State of Play, Shameless) before taking off with the film The Last King of Scotland.

I spent the following events ...
The producer that does not:

Tom Hanks in British Officer

I shall insult anyone by presenting Tom Hanks, but I leave you to find the photo. You can click on it to see a little more - I even circled. I admit this is not optimal, but promised the day I put my hand on the magnificent set Blu-Ray, I would do the catching!

The single woman:

Lucie Jeanne - Renee Lemaire (Episode 6)

In this male world, there is a woman to remember: Julie Jeanne. Known at the time for his role in Sous le Soleil, it has been installed in Central Nuit Blanche which she played. In any case, it is probably the only woman who can remember Band Of Brothers Bastogne present in (1.06) in the skin of a Belgian nurse.

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:11 pm

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Bros over Hos
Having come down with some kind of cold/chesty cough type thing, I've spent the past 2 days sofa ridden watching our newly purchased Blu Ray boxset of Band of Brothers. My Dad actually met with Spielberg and some others involved in the making of it to discuss what MOD (that's Ministry of Defence to you civies) land, equipment etc. they could use for the making of it which was a massive talking point the next day at school. I'm completely lying on that last part - I didn't talk to anybody at school in 2001 and even if I had, none of my classmates would have then been interested in the news. Anyway, for whatever reason I had never gotten round to watching it until now, nor had I previously enjoyed the Blu Ray experience until yesterday afternoon. And while I'm not 100% sold on Blu Ray advantages just yet (though I'm sure after watching a few more releases which benefit from it, I will be), Band of Brothers has completely stolen my heart. I am now desperate to find a man like Major Richard Winters to settle down with. Not the real Richard Winters cause he's pretty old now, and not Damian Lewis, but someone who exactly resembles Damian Lewis playing Richard Winters. His gingerness, his fierce loyalty, fake American accent, hot bod - the works. Although had Michael Fassbender (expect to hear a LOT more about my infatuation with this man) featured more in it, I may well not have fallen so hard for this guy. Hardcore crushes aside, the cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking, the entire cast's acting is exemplary, and the writing is both hard-hitting and sensitive to the events. I laughed, I cried, I shook my fist at the screen (and apparently I fell in love). What more could you ask from an HBO production?
I am now itching to see The Pacific so here's hoping I can find the readies to shell out for that bad boy on Blu Ray too.

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:24 pm

Saturday, 3 July 2010
There are war series, and then there's BAND OF BROTHERS, the seminal drama from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, made for the US HBO network, and following on from the duo's superb work with the amazingly brought to life World War II movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (of which RYAN and BROTHERS, based on the novel of real events by Stephen E. Ambrose, would form the basis of a trilogy, concluded with this years equally fine mini-series THE PACIFIC).

BAND OF BROTHERS changed the face of the TV mini-series forever and brought high quality film production values, epic writing and beautiful, yet gritty and atmospheric cinematography to our TV screens in a way that, at that time in 2001, made it the closest to a motion picture event that you were ever going to get.This incredible ten part series told the real life story of the US Easy Company paratroops division, from their early training to release as soldiers fighting the Nazi's all across occupied Europe from 1941 until the very end of the war. Each week, the incredible stories from their many battles will make you cheer their bravery and make you cry as you watch moments of heart shocking moments of adrenaline charged violence and brutality mixed with heart warming true personal courage and sacrifice in the very midst of tragedy.

Major highlights of the series must be the incredible Operation Overlord parachute jump into France in Episode Two (amongst some spectacular CGI work), Tom Hank’s confident directorial handling of Episode Five as Easy Company have to stop a battalion of German soldiers breaking into their boundaries, and Episode Six’s battle in the forest of Foy-with its bizarre dream and nightmare-like visual quality and its battles in the snow-this proves to be the breaking point of the war with the Battle of the Bulge to follow, and seals the fates of several of our heroes. Some very horrific scenes and a sequence of forest bombardment by the Nazis is truly shocking to witness and almost unending in its destructive capability. How those brave and under-equipped soldiers held the line for so long, with no real provisions, medical equipment or adequate winter clothing, is incredible to see.

If there was ever a series that told us the truth behind the grim realities of war, and how the soldiers not only fought the demons of the Nazi's but also fought to kept their honour and dignity intact against the madness of combat, and the death of innocence, this was it. No greater example of this can be seen in Episode Nine, when the remaining Easy Company soldiers liberate an horrific Jewish concentration camp and witness the degrading human horror, and try to both help its survivors and come to terms with the very real nightmares that their enemies have inflicted.

A superb cast portraying the brave, if occasionally flawed soldiers caught in events not of their making, includes a veritable who's who of future TV and film acting talent from the UK and US (including Michael Fassbender, Simon Pegg, Marc Warren, Tom Hardy, Donnie Wahlberg, Kirk Acevdo, Colin Hanks (son of Tom), Damien Lewis, Jamie Bamber, Michael Cudlitz and Ron Livingstone). And a special notice to FRIENDS' David Schwimmer for an excellent performance as the rather nasty piece of work who trains Easy Company in the opening episode- Herbert M. Sobel). As well as the onscreen dramas, we also get the real life perspectives of living, fighting and dying in the war from some of the surviving members of Easy Company as they recall their unforgettable experiences-many of which are truly inspiring, and truly devastating, to hear.

Here's a good trailer for the series, but one that doesn't fully do it the justice it deserves:

Memorable opening titles and theme:

If you've never seen BAND OF BROTHER before, now is the time to see-you owe it to yourself to enjoy its superb storytelling and characterisation, the finest acting, realistically exhilarating and extremely tense action sequences, and its period evocative cinematography, all backed up with a hauntingly beautiful score from the late composer Michael Kamen.

BAND OF BROTHERS airs in episodic double bills from this Saturday (3rd July) on the UK's TCM movie channel. The series has also been shown in the UK from time to time in superb HD on the HBO channel of the VIRGIN TV Platform. The entire series is available on DVD and Blu-ray from HBO DVD.
Posted by aficionadofan at 04:37

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:45 pm

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
British Actors in Band of Brothers
Yesterday was a bit of a duvet day at my house- we had considerable snow fall the night before and were a bit stuck in. There was a Band of Brothers marathon on and my father is a huge history buff- especially in regards to WWII so we had it on all day. It followed the Easy Company from D-Day through the end of the war.

I did miss several bits of it as I was trying to be productive and not stay on the couch all day, but I noticed that there were many actors from the UK pulling convincing American accents in the film- many actors I've enjoyed in other pieces.

Damian Lewis is fantastic as Captain Winters, one of the main protagonists of the piece.

James Macavoy plays a fresh faced replacement, Pvt. Miller.

Marc Warren plays the very sympathetic Albert Blithe.

Andrew Scott plays Pvt. "Cowboy" Hall. Look at that pout. His voice is deeper for this role than the voice he used in Sherlock and My Life In Film as well.

Tom Hardy from series such as Wuthering Heights and Oliver Twist plays Pfc. Janovec

Michael Fassbender plays yet another soldierly role (previously from 300 and Inglorious Basterds) plays "Pat" Christenson.

Simon Pegg does a great American accent as Sgt. Evans - great Scottish as well in Star Trek.

Posted by Odessa at 1:43 PM

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:23 pm

The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead.
A) I don't like war dramas and yet I seem to gravitate towards the ones that have Tom Hanks written all over them. I don't know why but I randomly decided today that it was time to finally watch Band of Brothers, but I did. Spoiler alert nine years after it aired: it was really, really great! I think I liked it better than The Pacific because it had such a greater scope and less quiet moments. I liked how impersonal it felt. So whereas I spent most of The Pacific worrying that my favorites would kick it, there were so many people in this mini-series that I knew maybe a handful of their names and only cared about like five of the characters. I felt like a detached viewer, which I appreciated more than getting very emotionally invested because it meant that I wouldn't get bored when they didn't showcase the people I cared about.

Although I did have to stop myself from wiki-ing the series to find out what happened to Dick. Because oh hey, Damien Lewis is kind of a hot ginger, right? Who the hell knew? Also, I am aware that I'm probably one of three people in the universe who watched bootleg SBTB USA High and therefore was thrown off by Lazz hunting Germans. I got such a kick out of Matthew Settle playing a bad ass who went all Rambo on the Germans without thinking twice of it. And ran across a heavily guarded base like it was no big! (You'd think that would make Gossip Girl reconsider no guitar lessons for Rufus, but I guess they've got no survival instinct.) This is probably also the first and only time that I haven't gotten the albino serial killer vibe from Neal McDonough! Cillian Murphy, perhaps there is hope for you yet! Doubtful. Basically, this mini-series consisted of a lot of "hey, it's that guy!" (Colin Haaaannnkkksss playing a weasel! Michael Fassbender! Half naked Tom Hardy!)

I really liked the episode that spotlighted the medic. The part where he gave chocolate to the guy who couldn't get to the soldier who GOT SHOT IN THE THROAT made me think of Harry Potter and Lupin's solution to death eaters being lots of chocolate. The episode right after it that was told from Donnie Wahlberg's POV was heartbreaking all around. So I guess so much for not being invested? I wanted it to be rainbows and sunshine and puppies for those boys!

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Band of Brother/Band of Hotties Empty Re: Band of Brother/Band of Hotties

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:30 pm

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Band of Brothers

After all these years, I can't believe I had never seen "Band of Brothers." I wanted to; I just never got around to it for one reason or another. Someone asked me if I was avoiding it because I was worried that the show wouldn't live up to the hype. It is after all considered one of the crown jewels of HBO's creative output. I don't think I was ever worried about it living up to the hype. I knew it would be good. And I am happy to report that it lived up to everything everyone said it would be.

Following one particular airborne company, Easy Company, throughout their adventures in World War II, this 10-part miniseries takes us through their training, D-Day, Market Garden, the brutal siege of Bastogne, post-war occupation, and the Holocaust. And the most remarkable part is that it is all true.

"Saving Private Ryan" certainly changed the way war films were made - its brilliant use of color (or lack thereof), sped up frame rates, and realistic depiction of war had an immediate impact on the genre. "Band of Brothers" is its spiritual successor, using much of the same filmmaking techniques (no surprise considering both Spielberg and Hanks produced on the miniseries), but it is in no inferior to Spielberg's war film. "Saving Private Ryan" is a great movie that is dragged down by a heavy-handed bookends. "Band of Brothers" just gets down to business. There are no real Hollywood moments, no "messages;" it just presents the story as realistically as possible.

There is stellar work from a great cast of mostly unknowns; and this represents career best performances for a whole slew of good actors - Neal McDonough, Ron Livingstone, Donnie Wahlberg, David Schwimmer. The whole cast excels along the board.

Some people have complained that there are too many characters in the film and that it is hard to follow each individual's story. And that makes the overall storyline muddled. I think those critics missed the point. This is not the story of each individual member of Easy Company. This is the story of Easy Company itself. And each episode showcases a few different members in the company in order to explain what the Company as a whole was going through. To have given us one soldier to act as our guide for ten hours may have allowed for a more effective story/character arc over the 10 hours, but it would have been dishonest and a disservice to the other men of Easy Company. Besides, a Hollywood-style main hero isn't needed. There are heroics enough in this film.

But there is also the other side of the coin, which is what is truly remarkable about the miniseries. The Allies weren't all heroes and "Band of Brothers" shows us the whole ordeal, warts and all. Sometimes we killed German prisoners who had already surrendered. Sometimes we raided houses, stealing silverware and other valuables. And sometimes a German surgeon will rush to a field hospital to operate on and save the life of an American sergeant who had been shot in the head by a drunk private. The miniseries doesn't judge these events. It just makes the statement that war is hell. This is what happens, and we can't truly understand unless we've been a part of it. "Band of Brothers" shows the good and the bad, both the viciousness and violence of war, and also the special bonds that battle forges between soldiers and the random acts of kindness that helped alleviate the surrounding madness.

SPOILERS HERE: There are some of my favorite moments in "Band of Brothers" that will stick with me, and I wanted to share a few.

When Easy Company finds the Holocaust camp is among the most harrowing and horrifying things I have ever seen. Words can't really describe it, but I don't think I've ever seen this much pain and suffering onscreen. And as the rail-thin and sickly Jewish prisoners start crying and hugging their horrified liberators, I almost started sobbing at the TV. And when Easy Company is forced to move the prisoners back into the camp, because they need to keep them in one central location to make supply drops easier...ugh, I felt sick to my stomach.

On a happier note, Easy Company at one point gets pinned down and separated into two groups, unable to communicate with each other. Captain Speirs runs straight through the German lines, just obliviously jogging by all the enemy soldiers, who just look at him confused - they are too stunned by his audacity to shoot. But what is funny is that after delivering his message, Speirs runs back to his first group, running through German lines again! This time, they open fire, but he still makes it through...its both a badass and hilarious moment, and it really happened.

The siege of Bastogne is possibly the best episode of the miniseries. With dwindling food and supplies and without their cold weather gear, Easy Company is forced to withstand a strong German offensive during the dead of winter. It's a tough episode, and you can feel the desperation and the bitter cold. The strongest moment is when Sgt. Buck Compton watches as German artillery blows the legs off of his two best friends, and he horror, in shock, I don't know. But he literally has to fight to get the word "Medic!" out of his mouth. It's harrowing, and probably the best acting Neal McDonough has ever done.

Lastly, I was shocked and excited to see some of our upcoming generation of stars in "Band of Brothers," not as major characters, but in tiny supporting roles. It's like watching the stars before they were stars. Oh, look, there's Simon Pegg ("Shawn of the Dead") driving by in a jeep. Oh, look, there's Tom Hardy ("Inception") directing traffic at a crossroads. Oh, look, there's Jamie Bamber ("Battlestar Galactica") leading a platoon into battle. Oh, look, there's James McAvoy ("Atonement") smoking a cigarette. Oh, look, there's Michael Fassbender ("Inglourious Basterds") wandering around Berchtedgaden. It's kind of fun to watch the miniseries for this reason alone!

All in all, this is a superb miniseries and has earned its reputation with stellar acting, directing, and writing. This isn't a crown jewel for HBO. It might be THE crown jewel. It's certainly one of the greatest war productions ever made, and a must-see.

MVP: As good as all the elements are in "Band of Brothers," I am going to have to say the real MVPs are the veterans. Each episode begins with interviews with the surviving veterans of Easy Company, and they are clearly the MVPs of the miniseries. I don't mean this is a smaltzy way (though in all honesty, they do also deserve the MVP just for what they did in the war). These short interviews with the veterans are easily the best part of "Band of Brothers." To hear some of these stories in their own words is important and enthralling. And from a filmmaking perspective, by showing us the real veterans of Easy Company, the directors are constantly reminding the audience that the characters in the episodes are not "characters" at all, but real men. And that all the horrors they faced were real. It's a brilliant storytelling technique that swings a huge emotional punch.

TRIVIA: On a heavy day of filming, up to 14,000 rounds of ammunition could be used! By the third episode, the producers had used more explosives and pyrotechnics than the entire production of "Saving Private Ryan."

BEST LINE: Richard Winters quoting Mike Ranney: "My grandson, who asked, "Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?" Grandpa said, "No, but I served in a company of heroes."

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Monday, February 14, 2011
Band of Brothers: Real American Heroes
Posted by Sting Lacson

Band of Brothers is about this really tight group of soldiers during World War II. Kind of like G.I. Joe, without the black people, as segregation in the army was still in back then.

But unlike G.I. Joe, the men of Easy Company are NOT real American heroes. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Maj. Richard D. Winters
Damian Lewis (English)

Cpl. Eugene Roe
Shane Taylor (English)

Pvt. Robert "Popeye" Wynn
Nicholas Aaron (English)

Sgt. Wayne "Skinny" Sisk
Philip Barantini (English)

Sgt. Alton More
Doug Allen (English)

Ssgt. John Martin
Dexter Fletcher (English)

Sgt. Charles "Chuck" Grant
Nolan Hemmings (English)

Cpl. Joseph Liebgott
Ross McCall (Scot)

1st Lt. Harry Welsh
Rick Warden (English)

Pvt. Edward "Babe" Heffron
Robin Laing (Scot)

Sgt. Burton "Pat" Christenson
Michael Fassbender (German Irish)

Ssgt. Floyd "Tab" Talbert
Matthew Leitch (English)

Cpl. Alex Penkala
Tim Matthews (English)

Pvt. Roy Cobb
Craig Heaney (English)

Cpl. Donald Hoobler
Peter McCabe (British)

Pvt. Allen Vest
Kieran O'Brien (English)

1st Lt. Norman Dike
Peter O'Meara (Irish)

Pfc. John Janovec
Tom Hardy (English)

Sgt. Myron Mike Ranney
Stephen Graham (English)

1st Sgt. William Evans
Simon Pegg (English)

Pvt. James Miller
James McAvoy (Scot)

There you have it. I think there are more British actors in this series than Americans. I didn't even include the lesser-known ones yet.

I listed Peter McCabe as "British" because I'm not quite sure if he's English, Scottish, Welsh, or Irish. That's because there is no bio of him on the major sites like IMDb or Wikipedia.

Isn't it amazing to see how many of the Band of Brothers alumni are actually familiar faces in Hollywood right now? I didn't even know Simon Pegg, Tom Hardy, and James McAvoy were in this flick. So I guess I'll just have to watch it again. For the nth time.

Now to answer the question: Why does Hollywood need to import non-American actors to play G.I.s? It's because they shot Band of Brothers in England. Just imagine how much it would cost to fly and billet the entire cast as opposed to letting some of them go home after work.

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